Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament Series Begins at COR Fitness MMA

Girls Competition.
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The first ever Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament Series was held on Saturday December 9th at the COR Fitness MMA martial arts facility in Mint Hill.

Girls Competition.

Owner Tony Boncore who headed the event in conjunction with his staff of professional instructors Paulo Mushu and Leo Silveira enjoyed a successful first tournament.  Everyone seemed to have a positive experience from the full day of activities.  The COR Fitness staff instructors were the official referees of the matches which had both male and female participants ranging from ages 6 to 42.  All contestants competed at various levels of accomplishment in the sport.

Boys Finalists.

There was a total of 45 participants from 6 different martial arts schools from across the Carolinas.  The different categories included 8 children’s and 6 adult divisions which made for an interesting assortment of competition.

Initial engagement.

This tournament was Mint Hill’s newest CII Open BJJ Tournament for Adults, Master White Belts and all levels of children and teen competition.  There was a tournament fee of only $25 to participate and to test their individual skills against other competitors and students of the martial arts.  It appeared to be a very positive experience including a learning and growing experience for many of the participants who were competing for their first time or have had limited match competition.

Adult mat action.

COR Fitness MMA is anticipating holding additional tournaments in the future and is currently making plans for 2018.  Tony is hoping to build upon this first competition and obtain 100 or more participants in upcoming tournaments.  The facility has 9,000 square feet including 3500 square feet of mat space and can accommodate multiple matches simultaneously.

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