Board of Commissioners approves bonds for November ballot

Tina Ross will be missed on the Board of Commissioners.
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The Mint Hill Mayor and Board of Commissioners have approved two bonds that will be put on the November ballot for a vote to the citizens of our town.

The members unanimously approved to adopt a bond order authorizing the issuance of a $3 million general obligation public facility bond to be used primarily for the renovation of the Bain School building located in the Town of Mint Hill.  The renovation will save the school as a historical site including the potential use of the auditorium for a theater company as an arts and cultural center.  Also, the Board membership approved unanimously to adopt a bond order authorizing the issuance of a $15 million bond obligation for parks and recreation to build more youth athletic fields for football, soccer and lacrosse, including a baseball stadium facility with a seating capacity of several thousand to accommodate local sports events and potentially attract competitive regional and state baseball tournaments to our area.

Mayor with family members of Tina Ross.

This public notification of a special bond referendum and directing the publication of notification of the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections to place these bonds on the November ballot.  More information will be forthcoming for the public to review in detail prior to the elections.

Other important business discussed at the July 19th meeting include a replacement for the recent passing of Tina Ross Board of Commissioners seat.  The members once again unanimously approved the reinstatement of retired Board member Mickey Ellington to complete Ross’s term.  The Mayor announced Ellington will not run for reelection once he completes this term and will permanently retire.  A moving tribute for her dedication and tireless work for the Town of Mint Hill was made by the Mayor and Board members in recognition for Tina Ross and her family members who were in attendance.

The Board also approved to accept an audit contract with Rowell, Craven and Short a local professional financial and accounting firm.  They accepted the June Treasurer’s report and financials, accepted budget amendments, adoption of a 25 mile per hour limit for the Telfair neighborhood, an amendment for a landscape architect contract for Wirth and Associates was approved, the town approved a sewer extension agreement with Charlotte Water along with approval given on certain tax parcels through the Town Manager.

Police Chief Ledford reading citations of officers who received life saving awards. (Ed berti)

Finally, a number of life saving awards were given to local Mint Hill Police Officers for outstanding performance in extreme emergency situations to assist two citizens of our town recently.  Police Chief Tim Ledford issued the awards to Mint Hill Police Officers Humm, Lang and McInnis.

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