Blair Road United Methodist Church honors First Responders

Police Chief Ledford and Fire Chief Leath.
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On Sunday September 10th Blair Road United Methodist Church celebrated the service of our local Police, Fire and Rescue, Medical Emergency public servants during the 11:11 AM worship service.

After the service there was a picnic for the First Responders and congregation who enjoyed fine homemade food and desserts in a BBQ lunch.  “So this is a way to help everyone remember the sacrifices these public servants and their families make, day in and day out, for us.  It is a little gesture for such major acts of service,” said Pastor Lynn Upchurch.

Chiefs and others enjoying the festivities.

Our hometown heroes are always ready to serve and protect when responding to our Mint Hill community needs.  These First Responders are taken for granted some times by the public.  We should not forget these heroic individuals who are putting themselves in harms way that could impact their health, family and lives to serve the citizens of our community.

Folks serving themselves on food line.

The Police are the first line of defense between law abiding citizens and potential crimes that might occur.  There are criminal elements in the surrounding area, these brave men and women protect our community daily.  The Fire and Rescue, Medical Emergency crews protect our personal property from damage, serve our local citizens in time of medical need and in a rescue situation to save lives.

These individuals certainly deserve the recognition, respect and prayers from a thankful community.  “It’s a blessing to have this kind of support from our community, one act of kindness like this event and support from the church and community erases all the negativity we see in the public domain, ” said Chief of Police Tim Ledford.  “We appreciate this church for celebrating our service and it’s an honor to have the support of the local community, said Fire Chief David Leath.

First Responders enjoy the food.

As the country remembers September 11, 2011, this event is a way to express our gratitude and appreciation for our local First Responders and their families for the valuable service they provide to our community.  The sacrifices these fellow citizens make on our behalf is extraordinary and especially during a time of tragedy.

Folks at the picnic.

As the poster designed by Blair Road United Methodist Church appropriately stated to promote the fellowship service and picnic, “You are our MVPs!”  

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