Atrium Health attends baseball game to promote good Nutrition

David Kerner Rocky River, Tricia Azra, Kaitlyn Lynch, Atrium Health, Julie Burton Independence.
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Sports Nutritionists from Atrium Health visited with the players, coaches and fans at the recent Independence vs. Rocky River baseball game at the Ravens Nest.

They were at the ball game to promote and inform athletes what food they should be eating to fuel their body during National Athletic Training Month sponsored by Mint Hill Mayor, Ted Biggers.  They also were part of the opening ceremony festivities by throwing  the first pitch.  The Athletic Trainers were on hand from both local high schools to participate in the event.

Kaitlyn Lynch throws first pitch.

Many young athletes are under fueled according the nutritionists and they need to be educated along with their parents, coaches and community in general.  Hydration is a major concern and athletes must consume the appropriate quantities of water.  Other foods include the right amount of carbohydrates, protein, fat, and vitamins to enable the human body to perform efficiently and effectively.

It’s important the food an athletes body intakes provides sufficient energy to fuel the athletic activity.  Therefore, selecting the correct food choices is a must and promoting awareness is certainly a worthwhile endeavor.

Carbohydrates and fat are the two main fuels for exercising muscles.  The proportion of carbs to fat used during exercise is vital as it depends upon the type, duration, and intensity of the exercise, along with fitness and nutritional status.  Most athletes have ample stores of fat, however, carbohydrate stores are limited.

Tricia Azra shows good form. (Ron Morris)

Therefore, the most important ingredient for an athletes diet is carbohydrates.  These carbs are stored in the body as glycogen in both the liver and muscles.  During exercise the glycogen is broken down into glucose to supply the muscles with energy.  An inadequate intake of carbohydrates will cause fatigue and impact an athletes daily training and performance.

These professionals who showed up for the event were promoting good nutrition which means getting the correct amount of nutrients for the body to function correctly.  It’s important for athletes to understand, however, it makes sense for all of us to better understand how food affects the body, how it provides fuel or is a source of energy, and how nutrients function.  It’s very important in fighting obesity and maintaining a good healthy lifestyle.

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