Army Major visits Queens Grant Social Studies Classes

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United States Army Reserves Logistics Officer Major Kevin Emerick, with over 26 years of combined service in the active Army, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard, visited Queens Grant High School recently to have a discussion with students.  Mr. Eric Hill, a Social Studies teacher invited the Major to have an open discussion and presentation of his experiences in Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF).  As a veteran of all four military operations, the Major has a unique perspective on the wars, how the military worked with the local citizens to gain their trust and confidence, and other interesting military strategies including the responsibilities of a Logistics Officer.

As a Logistics Officer who is accountable for keeping a unit moving within the supply chain, they have complete responsibility for planning, developing, and directing the logistical operations of a brigade, battalion, division, or an entire military operation in theatre.  In fact, the Logistics Officers are involved with integrating the various functions of supply, transportation, maintenance, aviation logistics, medical service, and the movement of military equipment and supplies from origin to final destination.  This would mean from stateside directly to the foxhole thousands of miles away from home.  The Logistics mission is to keep the supply chain open and flowing with the material, equipment and supplies the American warfighter will need on the battlefield to achieve and accomplish their objectives.

A Major in the United States Army typically serves as a battalion executive officer (XO) or as the battalion operations officer (S3).  A Major may also serve as a primary staff officer for a regiment, brigade or task force in the areas of logistics, operations and human resources.  They can command augmented companies in Combat Services and Support units.  They also could command Special operations units (Special Forces), Civil Affairs companies, Military Information Support Operations units, and Military Intelligence.  Even some Majors will be a staff officer, action officer on higher staffs and headquarters.

Major Emerick presented a straight forward program which was factual and extremely informative for the students who were in Mr. Hill’s class.  There were some good questions throughout the day, and the students came away with a better understanding and more knowledge of our mission and why America was involved in these conflicts.  Also, there was some discussion on North Korea, Syria, Russia, China and America’s role in the world.

The Major is uniquely qualified to discuss these subjects because he was on the ground in these countries working with the locals and maintaining  the sustainment mission for our military members who were deployed.  Also, he served in other overseas assignments, which include duty in South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Germany and Uganda.  He has received many prestigious military awards, honors, and medals.  However, the most notable is the Bronze Star Medal, along with many Commendation Medals, Achievement Medals, and seven additional service decorations for duty during the Global War on Terror.

The students had an opportunity to meet a real hero first hand.  The kids were able to get a flavor of what it was like to be in these conflicts serving our nation.  Also, to experience  the meaning of honor, duty, courage, integrity, while spending an hour to meet the speaker as a real person who is highly trained and dedicated to defending our freedoms and constitution.  A big salute to Mr. Hill and Principal Smith for making this opportunity available to the students at Queens Grant High School.

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