Annual breakfast with Sidney Katolis (from Greece)

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Submitted by Tony Long

Mr Katolis is an immigrant from Greece (lives in Mint Hill) who host an annual breakfast to treat Mint Hill Police and Mint Hill Firefighters / EMS  Why?

During sickness of Mrs Katolis the Police and Fire made many visits to their home for service

Mr Katolis uses this gesture of a breakfast treat as a effort of gratitude to these officials

August 15 is very significant to Mr Katolis as is a national holiday with importance near to Easter and Christmas. He addressed the group on his experiences as a child (8 years old) during early stages of World War 2 1940 to 1944. He saw German soldiers kill 100 citizens because one German was killed as the Germans invaded Greece.

Mr Katolis forefathers lived under Ottoman rule (Turkish) for 400 years. Therefore Greeks are sensitive to their freedom and were able to throw back the Germans and Italians when they invaded Greece in 1940’s.

Mr Katolis lost his son 6 years ago and his wife 3 years ago. He now looks on Police and Firemen who were there for him as his sons and daughters. A special son Dwayne Dorton (shirttail)  who now looks after him as well as takes him out to eat 3 or 4 days a week

Is ironic that Mint Hill officer “Bull” shown next to Mr Katolis was born in Serbia and missed becoming a NC Highway Patrol trooper by 10 points because of his English language skills  

Mr Katolis is extremely thankful to live in America and appreciates the blessings we receive each day.


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