AFJROTC Awards and Medals Ceremony at Independence

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On Thursday May 4th at Independence High School the AFJROTC program had their annual awards and medals ceremony with the entire flight dressed in their uniforms to participate and experience the event.  The event was held in the atrium mall where the Patriots cannon is proudly displayed. Outside groups were invited from the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Sons of the American Revolution, Daughters of the American Revolution, and Daughters of the American Colonist.

Indy Cadet saluting MSGT Bell holding his award.

Lieutenant Colonel Frank “Buzz” Lochocki, and Master Sergeant Romain Bell presented the awards to the recipients along with some of the invited dignitaries representing some of the organizations previously mentioned in the opening paragraph.

Cadet accepting an award.

This event is truly a positive experience for all the cadets and for a very successful program at the school.  The support and morale in the room was obvious and contagious.  These young ladies and gentlemen certainly represent the characteristics of what is best in our youth.  The individual cadets will carry with them the lessons learned, core values, leadership skills, team building and self-discipline they have experienced for many years to come and hopefully into adulthood as responsible productive citizens.

The awards and medals presented were the following:

Awards and Medals 

Air Force Association – Cadet Hubert Shaw, Daedalian – Cadet Jarrod Locklear, American Legion Scholastic – Jesus Martinez, American Legion Military Excellence – Trey Shuford, Veterans of Foreign Wars – Mitchel Cochran, Sons of the American Revolution – Andrew Zidrashko, Daughters of the American Revolution – Christina Guitterrez, Daughters of the American Colonist – Abigail Overson, Order of the Purple Heart – Kenneth Beck, Military Officers Association – Aaron Fowler, Non-Commissioned Officers Association – Freed Parrales, Scottish Rite of Free Masson’s – Corj’e Johnson, Army Recruiting Command Achievement Award – Tyler Estrada, Tuskegee Airman Ribbon – Devin Williams, London Livingston, Air Commando Association Ribbon – Robert Nock, Samuel Byrd, Air Force Excellence Award – Brandon Pittman, CMS Scholastic Excellence Award – Jesus Martinez, CMS Leadership Excellence Award – Trey Shuford, CMS Citizenship Excellence Award – Hubert Shaw.

Cadet Mitchell Cochran and MSGT Bell.
Cadet Trey Shuford and Al Cerino from American Legion Post 235

Also, a special congratulations goes to Cadet Tyler Estrada who will be entering the United States Army after graduation to serve our nation.  Staff Sergeant Craven the local Army recruiter presented him with his award.  HOOAH!

Cadet receiving his award.
Cadet Mitchell Cochran and his proud mom.
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