2018 Bond Referendum

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MINT HILL – At their July 19, 2018 meeting, the Mint Hill Board of Commissioners approved two general obligation bond orders to be presented to Mint Hill voters.

On Tuesday November 6, 2018, residents will be presented with two separate bond questions on their ballot: a parks and recreation bond and a public facility bond. Each bond will pass or fail independently, where a vote of “yes” will indicate support of the specific bond, while a vote of “no” will indicate a disapproval of the specific bond.

The $3,000,000 public facility bond is proposed to cover the costs of restoring and converting the historic Bain Academy building into a public cultural arts center.

The $15,000,000 parks and recreation bond is proposed to cover the construction of two public park facilities: an athletic park on Brief Road and a baseball stadium at Veterans Memorial Park.

Detailed information about both of these proposals can be found on our website at www.minthill.com.

For more information, please contact Mint Hill Town Hall at 704-545-9726 or info@minthill.com.

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