Widgets and Thing-a-ma-Jigs

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The Matthews Heritage Museum, at 232 N. Trade Street, is opening its next exhibit on Saturday, June 2 on Widgets and Thing-a-ma-Jigs, Part Three: An Exhibit of the Mostly Forgotten.  It will be on display until September 1, 2018. Have you ever come across an object and didn’t know what it was? A tool from another time, no longer used by the general public? The Museum this time is displaying things that we have used in our lifetime that have basically become obsolete. Sometimes it doesn’t take long to change the way we do things.  The Matthews Heritage Museum has a whole exhibit of items that may bring back memories.

Did you ever see your mother or grandmother use an egg slicer?  Maybe a relative had a gadget just to crush ice. Would you recognize a razor blade sharpener or a bed warmer if you saw one?  These items as well as others on display were once used on a regular basis in the home or business. We hope you can recognize some useful utensils which we used not so long ago and say, “I remember that”.

The items will be on display without benefit of a label in order to challenge your knowledge.  However, a key with a description of each item and how it was used will be provided for those interested.  Come see how technology has changed in our lifetime!

This is an excellent exhibit for school children, home schoolers, scouts and senior groups.  The Matthews Heritage Museum is open to the public Thursday – Saturday from 10 to 4:30. A small admission fee is charged.  Children under 10 are free. The first Saturday of every month is Free for all.  Additionally, throughout the summer until Labor Day, the museum will be free to all active military personnel and their families.

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