Camp Gladiator debuts new location at Mint Hill Roasting Company

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On January 29, Camp Gladiator debuted a new Mint Hill location.

January 29 was the start of two weeks of free preview camps at Mint Hill Roasting Company.  Despite chilly weather and misty rain, Beaupre was excited to see five clients, including two new faces.

The free two-week trial was a big draw for newcomers Brittany and Scottie.  Although both women already have active gym memberships, they were interested in trying something new.  “I go to 9 Round, so I just wanted to switch it up,” said Brittany, who is training for a Spartan race, “Work some new muscles!”  Brittany and Scottie both planned to return for the next camp on Wednesday.

Chilly weather couldn’t keep campers away from the first day of a two-week preview for Camp Gladiator’s new location.

The new 9:30 time was appealing to other campers who have trained with Beaupre at his other Mint Hill locations at Veterans Park and Queen’s Grant Community School.  “It’s great if you have evening plans and can’t make it,” said Karen, who has attended Beaupre’s evening camps at Veterans Park.  “I work from home, I’m self-employed, so this is very convenient,” said Darlene, who said dinner plans can sometimes interfere with the evening camp times.

It’s people like Darlene who have a flexible work schedule that Beaupre hopes to reach with the new 9:30 camp.  “9:30 is that time that we’re trying to hit stay-at-home moms and trying to get people who work from home,” says Beaupre.  

Stay-at-home moms might wonder what they’ll do with their kids during the workout.  Camp Gladiator doesn’t offer childcare, but children are welcome at their camps.  “You can go to any of our camps here in Charlotte or all over the country, and you’ll see kids there,” says Beaupre.  “I think the best thing is the kids actually seeing their parents training and working out.”

Beaupre is also excited to be partnering with a local business.  “I met the two owners of the coffee house, and we got along really well,” says Beaupre.  “It’s actually a perfect location.  It’s right on the main street, so we should get some good exposure.”

“We met Daniel because he’s a customer,” says Mint Hill Roasting Company owner Annette Dance.  “After he’d been here a couple of times, he asked if he could use the lawn.  We talked about it and said it was a good partnership because we liked his program and wanted to support another local business as well.”

Camp Gladiator will meet behind Mint Hill Roasting Company Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9:30 am.

Camp Gladiator will meet at Mint Hill Roasting Company Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9:30 am.  There’s still time to catch one more free camp on Friday, February 9 before the official launch on Monday, February 12!  Contact Daniel Beaupre at for more information about camps in Mint Hill and specials.

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