2023 Retirement Market Outlook

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MINT HILL, NC – As 2022 is coming to an end, we find ourselves looking at what next year will bring us.  Volatile markets have created new challenges for retirement savers.  T. Rowe Price, one of our trusted retirement partners, talked through some topics that are shaping the retirement landscape.

Many investors are under-saving for retirement.  A well-designed retirement plan could help address financial disparities.  As a result, lawmakers are considering policy changes that may help to boost 401(k) participation and saving rates as well as encourage emergency savings.  Employers are also trying to offer more holistic financial wellness programs that go beyond just saving and investing.  For example, programs that are more personalized and specific to life stages and that address investors’ competing financial priorities.  We are not all the same so why shouldn’t our strategy be our own?

Lastly, the investment landscape seems to be changing.  Inflation is driving many investor risks such as rising interest rates, potential slowing of corporate earnings, and fear of full-blown recession.  Employers are considering modifications to their retirement plans to help mitigate the effects of market volatility.

In 2023,  hopefully we will see changes that encourage individuals the ability to save for retirement.  At Fulcrum, we are here to help you with YOUR outlook on life.

Let us help you find your clarity of purpose!

This article was released by T. Rowe Price for use by your local Cambridge Investment Research Financial Advisor.

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