Young and Polite Celebrates Ten Years in Children’s Dentistry

Young & Polite Children's Dentistry
Young & Polite Children's Dentistry
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Upon entering the office at Young & Polite, any dental anxieties you have will disappear. From ipads and video games to uniquely themed offices, the atmosphere is welcoming for both children and parents. The patients especially love the positive rewards they receive for no cavities and good grades.

Drs. Young & Polite opened their children’s dentistry in January 2007 and have offices in Waxhaw, Mint Hill, and Steele Creek. They’ve been honored as “Best Pediatric Dentist” for Charlotte and surrounding areas multiple years. With four children of their own ranging from ages eight to thirteen, Drs. Young & Polite treat all children like family and try to make every dental experience positive.

Dr. Polite of Young & Polite Children’s Dentistry

Prior to meeting at Howard University Dental School, Drs. Young & Polite had different career paths. Born and raised in Charlotte, Dr. Young attended North Carolina Central University and taught 7th and 8th grade math and science at Henderson Middle School. Dr. Polite spent her early years in Jacksonville, Florida, attended A & M University, and became a pharmacist. At some point, they both realized they wanted something more personally fulfilling, which led them to children’s dentistry.

Dr. Young of Young & Polite Children’s Dentistry

Young & Polite specialize in pediatric dentistry which includes special needs dental patients, hospital dentistry, and orthodontic services. They gladly welcome families that do not have insurance to utilize the “Young & Polite Dental Plan,” which offers reduced dental fees and more services than traditional dental insurances. This plan helps bridge the gap for struggling families.

Based on the guidelines set by the Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Drs. Young & Polite recommend children come for their first appointment around their first birthday and every six months thereafter. To help prevent cavities, the Drs. suggest brushing teeth after every meal and before bed. They also urge children to stay away from sticky foods such as gummy bears, which can get stuck in their teeth and cause decay.

Drs. Young & Polite are active in the community and are proud to partner with many non-profits organizations and local schools. Recently, they made a generous donation to the DARE program at Kensington Elementary School and provided all graduating 5th graders with a special gift, a stuffed lion, the mascot of the program.

If you’re looking for a positive dental experience for your child, visit to schedule an appointment at the Waxhaw, Mint Hill or Steele Creek location.


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