You Can Still Get Fit in Phase Two with Gunn Fitness

At Gunn Fitness you are considered family. Come join us and feel the love! (picture taken pre-COVID19)
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WAXHAW, NC – Regina Gunn Arndt, the owner of Gunn Fitness, hasn’t just created a gym, she has created a family of individuals all working together towards their fitness goals.  Given Governor Cooper’s decision to delay gym openings, Gunn Fitness is doing it’s best to provide health and fitness classes for members following the current safety guidelines and social distancing requirements.  They are currently offering virtual classes as well as socially-distanced fitness in an outdoor setting.

The members of Gunn Fitness are a tight-knit group.  Whether through their Zoom classes online or through their fitness classes at Town Creek Park, with guidance from Regina, they are all working together to keep each other healthy, happy, and motivated.  Ms. Arndt has been overwhelmed with the capacity of caring her clients have been demonstrating, whether it’s checking on each other during this pandemic or helping one another find necessary supplies.  At Gunn Fitness, it truly is all about family and community.

As an owner, Regina truly cares about her clients.  Back when it started to look like they would have to shut down to comply with COVID-19 restrictions, she met with her clients, passing out weights and mats so that they could continue working towards their fitness goals at home through her Zoom class offerings.  While it is undoubtedly a struggle maintaining a small business during these times, Regina is doing her best to meet clients where they are and provide opportunities for health and fitness that not only fit their individual needs but also follow the strict guidelines and requirements for health and safety set by the state.

Gunn Fitness is offering both in-person outdoor classes and virtual Bootcamp classes through Zoom for members.  Costs have been lowered to $75.00 per month for virtual Zoom class experiences.  They are offering full membership at a reduced cost of $119 which will remain in place after restrictions are lifted and includes virtual classes as well as Saturday classes.  Saturday in-person outdoor classes are held at Town Creek Park located at 4400 Waxhaw Marvin Road.  Classes start at 8 am and individuals will be notified of what they need to bring, but usually just a mat and maybe some light weights.  Masks are not required during this time for outdoor workouts.  The Saturday class is available for non-members for a cost of $15. 

Gunn Fitness will continue to offer nutritional counseling through ID Life Nutritional Company products.  Individuals receive a personalized nutrition plan based on their lifestyle and exercise habits.  This service takes the guesswork out of vitamins and is based on sound scientific research.  For more information on this and other offerings, please contact Gunn Fitness at (704) 708-4866 or via the web at  You can follow events and updates via social media on Facebook (Gunn’s Fitness LLC) and Instagram (@gunnsfitness).

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