What Do Moms Really Want For Mother’s Day – And Where Can You Get It?

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MINT HILL, NC – Whether they’re at home with their children or work full time outside the home, moms do a lot each day to keep the family and the home running smoothly!  Here are some great ideas for showing Mom you appreciate her this May.

A study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family in 2015 found that despite an increase in fathers’ participation in recent years, mothers still do the majority of household labor,. The study analyzed data from over 12,000 parents in the United States and found that mothers spent, on average, twice as much time as fathers on household tasks and child care. 

So it makes sense that what a lot of moms want for Mother’s Day is a break from the household chores!  “It would be a dream to sleep in, have food made, and have the house clean!” says Hillary Blackmon.

Take over the chores Mom usually does this Mother's Day - even young children can help!
Take over the chores Mom usually does this Mother’s Day – even young children can help!

Home Clean Heroes can help with that.   A residential home cleaning company that can handle one-time cleans, recurring cleans, and move-in or move-out cleans, Home Clean Heroes customizes every clean to meet the client’s needs.  “So many mothers would appreciate the gift of time and energy back from not having to clean their home, even just one time,” says Owner David Houck, “but many find after we clean once, they have us back on a regular basis.”

Give Home Clean Heroes a call today at (704) 818-4330 or visit them online at https://homecleanheroes.com/southcharlotte/ to get a free in-home estimate and take advantage of 50% off an initial clean with recurring service!

It’s not just chores that take up mom’s time but the mental labor involved with mothering.  “Mental labor” is a term used to describe the cognitive and emotional work that goes into managing a household and caring for others. This can include tasks such as planning meals, organizing schedules, managing finances, remembering important dates, and coordinating social activities.

Handle the planning this Mother's Day, and let Mom relax.
Handle the planning this Mother’s Day, and let Mom relax.

Research has shown that in households with children, mothers tend to take on a disproportionate amount of this mental labor.  A 2016 report from the Pew Research Center found that mothers were more likely than fathers to say that they were responsible for remembering family schedules and events, keeping track of school and social activities, and organizing family activities.  Accordingly, many moms don’t care exactly what they spend Mother’s Day doing – as long as they don’t have to make the plans!

“Someone to plan Mother’s Day other than me!” says Stephanie Buffa when asked what she wants for Mother’s Day.  “ I literally plan for everyone. Everyone usually comes to me and we, the moms, make all the food just like any other day. One year I hired someone to cook for us. But I even did the hiring!  I’d love it if someone planned it for me and executed it for me so I could maybe just read a book or play in the garden.”

A gift certificate for massage is a great way to give Mom the opportunity to relax.
A gift certificate for massage is a great way to give Mom the opportunity to relax.

There are other ways to give Mom a break than planning a shindig for Mother’s Day.  “A day away getting pampered!” suggests Gina Winecoff.  “I always want a massage gift card for Mother’s Day,” adds Megan Wissler.  “Massage is a perfect gift because it allows the already busy lives of moms to take a back seat for an hour or two and lets them recharge,” says Lisa Lane, owner of Massage Sanctuary.  “No one can get it all done when their ‘cup’ is empty.”  Prices will be going up soon at Massage Sanctuary, so buy now to lock in their current rate!  Visit https://ncmassagesanctuary.massagetherapy.com/ to book an appointment.

Whether it's a weekend getaway to Charleston or a longer trip to an all-inclusive resort, travel is a great opportunity for Mom to take a well-deserved break.
Whether it’s a weekend getaway to Charleston or a longer trip to an all-inclusive resort, travel is a great opportunity for Mom to take a well-deserved break.

Take pampering up a notch with a getaway!  “One of the most popular travel events today is a Mom or Girlfriend Getaway,” says Phil Angel, owner of Leisure Travel Experts.  “I do them all the time, and they are always a positive memory for Mom. When two or more girlfriends get together without the daily chores, it becomes a chance to talk, laugh, dress up or dress down. It can be a trip to Charleston or a long weekend at an all-inclusive resort.  We can do it all, customized to each client.”  Contact Phil Angelo at (980) 406-1650 or visit https://www.leisuretravelexpert.com/contact.html to start planning Mom’s next getaway!

Flowers are a timeless Mother's Day gift, and there's no better place to buy them than Abbey Rose.
Flowers are a timeless Mother’s Day gift, and there’s no better place to buy them than Abbey Rose.

If you’re looking for a gift with more visual impact this Mother’s Day, flowers are a classic, and there’s no better place to get them locally than Abbey Rose Floral Artistry.  “The gift of flowers is timeless!” says Sue Wolf, who is working her 41st Mother’s Day as a florist.  “Floral arrangements are a surprise gift of love from someone who cares about you. What could be better?  At Abbey Rose Floral Artistry, every arrangement is made to order for you.  Every floral gift that is delivered is a unique and one-of-a-kind creation.”

“We are excited about our flower selection for Mother’s Day,” she continues.  “Everything has to be ordered in February to insure the best selection from the finest growers. We will have some very unusual flowers as well as everyone’s favorites like hydrangea and tulips. I encourage everyone to look at our website for inspiration (abbeyroseflorist.com) and to place your orders, but please take advantage of our designer choice arrangements too!”

For an unexpected gift, try . . . LEGOS?  “The best gift I’ve gotten for Mother’s Day is the LEGO bouquet of flowers – not prebuilt!” says Amy Work confidently.  “I got to build it myself, which I loved.  The LEGO flowers were the best because I love LEGO, puzzles, etc. – anything I can build or make! And now I display the LEGO bouquet year round in our house.”  “Same!” confirms Jennifer Allen.  “Always get the LEGOS!”

Mom may want - and deserve - a break, but at the end of the day, family time is the real gift.
Mom may want – and deserve – a break, but at the end of the day, family time is the real gift.

Moms may want a well-deserved break, but at the end of the day, nothing can beat the joy of family time.  “I just want to be with my family,” says Shaina Brooks.  “My children are grown,” says Kimberly Antolini, whose children live in Washington, DC, and Florida.  “Time with them would be my dream!  But I would settle for a heartfelt card with writing.”

But remember: don’t leave it to Mom to plan the family time!  “My family’s tradition is that they make crepes and bring them to me in bed, and then we all sit on the bed and talk while I eat,” says Elizabeth Mills.  What really makes this tradition special for Mills is not the breakfast itself but the time and effort her family puts into planning and executing it for her.  “They asked what I wanted several years ago, and I said crepes because they’re unusual, so Tristan and Madison learned to make them together. Our other daughter helps with plating everything to look pretty.”

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