WBT 1110 AM/99.3 FM Radio visits Mint Hill at Jimmies Restaurant

Pat McCrory and Mayor Ted Biggers on WBT interview. (Paul Imirie)
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The WBT Radio lineup visited Mint Hill this past Friday for an all day event at Jimmies Restaurant.  It was an exciting and fun filled day in downtown Mint Hill.

The patrons were able to observe how a news and talk radio show functions along with meeting and watching the different local celebrities perform their individual shows.

The station known on air as “News 1110/99.3 WBT” is a commercial radio station serving the local Charlotte metropolitan area, which includes certain parts of North Carolina and South Carolina as the station broadcasts a powerful 50,000 watts at 1110 KHz, as a Class A clear channel.  The station was first licensed in March 1922, it was actually one of the first broadcasting stations in the United States.

The station airs a news/talk radio format that is simulcast on WBT-FM 99.3 and the HD2 digital sub-channel of co-owned 107.9 WLNK.  The station is owned by Entercom, which is one of the largest radio station operators in the nation.

On weekdays, WBT who is well know in Charlotte airs locally produced talk shows and offers podcasts of these shows on its website.  This includes news, weather and traffic reports every half hour.

The station begins every weekday with a four hour morning show by Bo Thompson called “WBT’s” Morning News.”  Both Thompson and former North Carolina Governor and Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory host a one-hour talk show immediately following the morning news.  Vince Coakley, a former WSOC-TV news anchor and North Carolina Congressional candidate, hosts from 10 am to noon.  John Hancock hosts the late afternoon show until 6:00 pm.  It is followed by a one-hour news magazine called “Charlotte at Six” anchored by Mark Garrison.  The rest of the weekday schedule includes nationally syndicated hosts which include Rush Limbaugh, Dave Ramsey, Mark Levin and Coast to Coast AM with George Nooray.

WBT is also the flagship station for the Carolina Panthers, on weekends they feature shows on money, health, real estate, technology, cars and home repairs.

Jimmies owner Chris Pourlos was pleased to have WBT 1110 AM select his popular family establishment for this local event as the station tours different towns in the Charlotte area.  “We are honored and proud to have WBT radio broadcast from our family restaurant,” said Pourlos.  Jimmies was recently voted “Best Breakfast in Mint Hill.”

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