Vintage on the Hill is now Goodness Gracious Gifts and Interiors

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Formerly Vintage on the Hill, Goodness Gracious Gifts and Interiors is open for business in downtown Mint Hill!

If you’ve never heard of Vintage on the Hill, you’re probably not alone.  Tucked in the back of The Lofts at 7714 and virtually invisible from the road, the vintage furniture and home decor shop saw little foot traffic.  In its new location sandwiched between Daphne’s Bakery and Cottage Yarn, business is booming at the renamed Goodness Gracious Gifts and Interiors.

No longer vintage and no longer on a hill, a name change only made sense.  “We’re not furniture anymore; we don’t redo furniture,” says owner Pam Eggleston, reflecting on the slow market for vintage and antique pieces like they formerly sold.  “My opinion is that Mint Hill is such a family-oriented community that when Great-Grandma dies they just give out the furniture. People around here just don’t need it, they don’t need to go out and buy it.”

Customers to Goodness Gracious will see some of the same products the store formerly stocked as Vintage on the Hill: several lines of candles, hilarious and economical “Trash Talk by Annie” cards, seasonal and everyday floral stems, and, of course, their adorable and famous gnomes.  Goodness Gracious also remains the area’s sole retailer of Farmhouse paint.

But the shop’s change in focus to gifts and home decor brings a much wider selection of inventory.  Tervis Tumblers, essential oil diffusers and tart warmers, soaps and lotions, humorous towels, tags and bandanas for dogs, a large selection of seasonal decor: Goodness Gracious has the perfect gift for everyone.

Currently displaying Halloween and Thanksgiving decor, Goodness Gracious will soon switch to Christmas.

Goodness Gracious also now boasts a large baby and kids section with blankets, Tooth Fairy pillows, essential oil diffusers for nurseries with kid-tested and -approved oils and tiny Tervis cups that are easier for little hands to grip. 

Goodness Gracious’ new baby products.

Eggleston hopes to be able to use the shop to give back to the community in small ways.  One example is the shirts they now carry by Puppie Love, a brand that facilitates dog adoptions by donating 10% of their profits to rescue centers and adoption agencies while also raising awareness.  Eggleston also plans to host occasional fundraisers where a portion of sales will go to a charitable organization.

Puppie Love products.

Right now, Goodness Gracious is gearing up for the holidays.  On October 7, they hosted close to 40 women for their first Ladies Night in their new location that included a sneak peak of their Christmas inventory.  “This piece of furniture back here was covered up in Christmas,” says Eggleston, gesturing to a now-bare hutch. “You can’t believe the number of messages I’ve had since last night!  It was like a party.” Ladies Night was so successful in the new location that Eggleston is thinking of hosting one a month after the holidays. 

Kitchen boas – a sort of wearable towel and potholder – are expected to be a big seller for the holidays.

One of their popular Christmas items for three years running now is small mice ornaments sold individually or in a set of eight.  “Two years ago we bought 24; they were gone in two days,” says Eggleston. “Last year we bought 96 – sold out of those. This year we bought 192, and they sold out like crazy last night!”  

If you want a mouse or a crack at Goodness Gracious’ other Christmas decor and gifts, put their Christmas Open House on your calendar.  From 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on November 2, Goodness Gracious will debut all of their Christmas inventory in the store festively decorated for the holidays courtesy of Eggleston’s husband.

In the meantime, you can always visit Goodness Gracious Homes and Interiors Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  “Business is booming!” concludes Eggleston.

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