Total Being Yoga Grand Opening

Instructor Elvis taught a packed "flow" class at Saturday's grand opening celebration.
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Total Being Yoga, opened it’s doors to Mint Hill residents on Wednesday March 1, and marked the occasion with a grand opening celebration on Saturday, March 4.

Saturday’s grand opening began with two free yoga classes: a vinyasa class at 9:30 am and a flow class at 11:00 am. Both classes were crowded, nearly filling the new 1200 square foot studio to capacity. The classes drew old friends and practiced yogis as well as newcomers.

Owner Mian Rex is enthusiastic about the reception the new studio has received so far. Comments on Total Being Yoga’s facebook page are positive and encouraging. More than anything, Rex is pleased that her vision is coming across to her customers. “I know people can do yoga anywhere,” said Rex. “Here they get an hour where the instructor takes it beyond the physical. That’s what yoga is all about.”

Following the 11:00 flow class, Rex held an informal reception in the studio where participants enjoyed snacks and drinks and chatted with one another and Total Being’s instructors. The “Meet and Greet” was followed by a celebration from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm at neighboring business Vintner’s Hill Wine Bar.

After Elvis’s 11:00 am class, participants had the opportunity to socialize and meet the studio’s instructors.

Saturday’s 11:00 am class taught by Elvis, who has been working with Rex since she began her yoga practice in her basement, was filled nearly to capacity with 24 participants. “It was a beautiful experience,” said Elvis. “So many people involved in one space focusing on the same thing. I felt it from the reaction of those attending . . . that’s kind of how you assess a yoga class. What do you see coming back to you? When I open my eyes and everyone opens their eyes, I look to see the reaction in their eyes because that doesn’t lie.”

Reactions to Elvis’ class were positive. “I’ve been here four days in a row,” said Lori Andersen, who had only attended class in Rex’s basement studio once before. “I’ve been here every day, and I’m coming tomorrow.” Anderson is one of a few clients so far to sign up for Total Being Yoga’s unlimited monthly package. “There are a lot of great teachers, and I want to try them all!” she says.

Elvis’ class drew participants who came specifically to practice with him as well as newcomers. “It’s our first time back in a long time,” said Lynda Kuehni, who was attending her first yoga class in five years with her friend Marcela Brown. “To be able to support a local business and get back into the practice – what better way to spend a Saturday morning?” Keuhni and Brown said they definitely plan on coming back.

Total Being Yoga offers a full class schedule with over 29 classes to choose from per week including unique offerings like prenatal yoga, children’s yoga and yoga for athletes. As of mid-day Saturday, Rex had already had 34 people sign up for some sort of membership package. Total Being Yoga offers a variety of packages, including drop-in pricing, 5- and 10-class packages, and unlimited monthly rates. Rex hopes the various packages she offers will encourage both old and new clients to branch out and try a type of yoga or an instructor they’ve never had before.

Rex is excited about several of the upcoming workshops she will be able to offer at Total Being Yoga. On March 11, she will host a “Begin & Continue” workshop from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm for those who are new to or returning to yoga. On March 25, she will offer “Candlelight Yoga & Live Music” for both individuals and couples from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm. The workshop will feature live handpan music by Greg Labarbera. Rex will also be offering a 7-week “Spring Pilates” camp beginning April 10. The Pilates class, taught by Cindi Began will meet Mondays at noon.

Learn more about Total Being Yoga and view the current class schedule and prices on their web site:

Total Being Yoga is located in downtown Mint Hill above D.A. Salon.
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