To Travel or not to travel, that is the question

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That is the question on everyone’s mind right now, and the answer has to be your answer, not mine. Only you know how comfortable you are in making decisions based on the unknown. The real unknowns today are;

A. What will the new viral epidemic look like 30 or 60 days from now?

B. What will happen if the virus is worse when I am ready to go to a certain destination?

C. Because of the close seating on an airplane, am I more likely to get the virus if I fly?

The only exception might be that air circulation in an aircraft is one of the very few environments where the air passes you vertically. Theories show that is much safer for you as far as sharing droplets is concerned. We have very little evidence because there are no real cases where we know this virus was spread on an airplane. Otherwise, anyone who tells you they know the answers to the above has a much closer relationship with the future than Trip Savvy by Benet Wilson 03/30/2019

What we do know is;

1. Every vendor of travel services recognizes that your concerns are legitimate, and want you to make informed decisions based on what is known, rather than panic. Airlines have greatly reduced process and costs to change itineraries. Tour companies are all allowing itinerary changes with no fees, for tours to areas of concern that depart within a certain time frame. Cruise companies have instituted new rules that allow itinerary changes as close as 3 days before departure. Most Cruises From US Ports have been canceled through March / April as of Mar 13.

2. Without exception, every vendor has issued new procedures and guidelines to screen prospective clients for contagious disease exposures. At this time your chances of encountering an exposure person to person while traveling, of most any contagious disease, are lower than ever because of this screening.

3. The spread of this virus will continue for a while. Records indicate the numbers of new cases are being tracked very closely, and current control measures seem to be working. Live Science Staff Report 22:05EDT Mar 13.

4. During these times all vendors are experiencing extremely busy time answering questions and changing itineraries. It is imperative that you show patience as we all try to work with each client to get the best possible solution. Without clients no vendor can continue to do business, so retaining clients is a number 1 priority with any Consultant or vendor. Every vendor has opened new means of communication, especially for Travel Consultants, in order to answer every inquiry as efficiently as possible. For smaller businesses like mine, our monetary losses during this time are secondary to the satisfaction of our precious clients.

How can I make an informed decision?

There are multiple sources today that are tracking this viral disease very closely. Many of them have daily updates and country by country information. Almost every media outlet in the USA continues to bring you important new information just as your local Mint Hill Times is doing. For the sake of your own mental health, trust media outlets you know and are comfortable with and beware of sensationalism for the sake of sales.,,,,

Both Novant Health and Apria have website information dedicated to your health during this epidemic. Read them and listen to medical advice.

The US Center for Disease Control has an excellent webpage with very accurate information. It even allows you to put in perspective the disease spread on a daily basis. For example, you can go to that site and see how many cases there are inNorth Carolina today, then compare that with the population.

The World Health Organization has very accurate maps showing where the virus is reported and the number of cases there.

If you have a specific concern you can write to me at phil.angelo@leisuretravelexpert,com.

Please remember I cannot answer specific questions about a reservation or itinerary you already have because of privacy laws. I can provide you with sources to help you.

Last, panic helps no one. If you think you have flu-like symptoms, contact your health care provider for advice. Meanwhile stay home, cough or sneeze into your sleeve, don’t attend any gatherings, and give your healthcare provider a chance to answer your concerns and give you advice.

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