This Is The Time To Take Inventory

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Everyone, as I’m writing this, we are on a local stay at home advisory. The governor has mandated that massage therapists (and hairdressers, nail techs, estheticians and more industries) will be closed until April 25th. Local governments have given a Stay At Home alert at least until April 16th.  So what can we do to keep our body and mind in shape to weather this storm? [As of this writing you’re still allowed to get outside and walk your dog (or yourself)].

Get out and take a walk in your neighborhood. Stay 6 feet from your neighbors but keep moving. There’s nothing better for your body than to keep it in motion. If you can’t get out, then walk in place in your living room. Put some music on! Have a personal dance party. But move!

Since going to your favorite massage therapy office isn’t an option, feel free to reach out to your therapist and see what stretches he/she recommends.

Are ankles tight? Before you get out of bed in the morning, practice writing the alphabet with your feet. You’ll wake up those ankles before you jump up for the day.

Is your plantar fasciitis acting up (pain/discomfort normally in the arch of your foot)? Take a lacrosse/tennis ball and rub it around on the floor with your foot while standing up. Take that same ball, or even your fingertips, and massage your calves. The tightness in your calf can definitely affect your foot. Or better yet, get your partner to massage your calves and reciprocate when needed.

Take a look at your shoes, they should be in good shape with minimal wear on the tread. Some walking apps even have a way for you to register your shoes and will alert you when it’s time to get another pair.

Friends, listen to local government and your governor. Do your part in limiting the spread of this virus. If you limit the spread, it’s going to make a world of difference to your healthcare providers who are working hard to get in front of this.

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