The Mint Hill Fall Harvest Festival

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Once again, Mint Hill’s annual Fall Harvest Festival took place on Saturday, October 26. Mint Hill Village was filled with music, food and family fun. Several local businesses set up tents, participated in Trunk or Treat, and gave away prizes to all those in attendance. Food vendors offered festival favorites, like funnel cakes and barbecue rib plates. Costumed kiddies played in bouncy houses, danced to songs like “Thriller,” and got their faces painted.

Princess Elsa (Thea M.) eagerly waits as Miss Mint Hill, Alexandria Franks, prepares to paint a unicorn on her cheek.

The main attraction, however, was the line of scarecrows that surrounded the roundabout in front of Town Hall. Local businesses and Mint Hill patrons decorate scarecrows as part of a friendly competition. The prize for the top two winners is a guaranteed spot in the Mint Hill Christmas Parade this holiday season.

Sheryl Smith, Assistant to the Town Manager and the organizer of the Fall Harvest Festival, says she hopes the scarecrow competition will continue to grow as Mint Hill does. “We want next year to be even bigger.” Smith smiles. “There are so many creative people in this town. We want to let that creativity shine!”

Sheryl Smith encourages everyone to tour the line of scarecrows, which will stay up until October 31st, and vote for your favorite. “Voting is done on our Facebook page. There will be a photo album of all the scarecrows in the competition.” Smith explains. Every single entry receives 1 point for a “like,” 2 points for a comment, and 3 points if you post your own picture with your favorite scarecrow.

“There are some really fun submissions.” Smith beams. “We hope you’ll come by and enjoy them. We look forward to seeing who wins.”

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