The June Mint Hill Mayor And Commissioners Meeting Recap

Richard Peniston address the Board of Commissioners.
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MINT HILL, NC – The June Mint Hill Mayor and Commissioners Meeting had a busy agenda that focused on many different topics and projects concerning the Town of Mint Hill.

The Town of Mint Hill Board of Commissioners.
The Town of Mint Hill Board of Commissioners.

The first items approved by the Board of Commissioners included the following matters on the Consent Agenda:

  • Accepted meeting schedule change for the November 2021 meeting.
  • Adopted an ordinance related to code violation appeals process.
  • Accepted tax collector’s reports.
  • Accepted April treasurer’s reports and financials.
  • Accepted proposed budget amendments.
  • Accepted resolution authorizing upset bid process for property located on Lebanon Road.
  • Authorized Town Manager to execute 2021-22 paving contract with Blythe Construction.
  • Gave authority to Town Manager to execute 2021 sidewalks contract with Carolina Cajun Concrete, Inc.
  • Accepted the proposed Storm Water rate increases.

There is a 5.781-acre site under docket item #ZC21-6 filed by Richard A. Peniston to allow a rezoning to build a new church located at 5345 Wilgrove-Mint Hill Road, tax parcel #137-051-11 and 5341 Wilgrove-Mint Hill Road, tax parcel # 137-051-21. The church is a start-up with a small congregation, and they hope to grow over time in Mint Hill.

A second project discussed was docket item #ZC21-7, filed by MHIP, LLC to allowing rezoning to change conditions at Mint Hill Business Park under various tax parcel numbers from the current 100-foot buffer zoning to 50 feet in one lump sum package. Commissioner Patrick Holton clearly stated his preference would be to review on a case-by-case basis since the new proposed 50-foot boundary could impact some residential properties in the area.  Commissioner Dale Dalton, however, was favorable to the proposal since it would mean the properties would not to be individually submitted to the Town for approval at different times. Also, there still would remain a sufficient tree border between the Business Park and any residential property. The Commissioners will need to review the proposal and discuss this matter in more detail with the Planning Board as to the potential impact it might have in the surrounding area.

Town Manager Brian Welch addresses the Board of Commissioners.

Another docket item #ZC21-8 filed by the Town of Mint Hill would allow a text amendment to update a unified development ordinance to comply with 160D, a North Carolina General Statute that combines or consolidates 153A and 160A for development regulations into a single, unified chapter. The new chapter 160D places these statues into a more logical and coherent organization going forward. For more details, please contact your elected officials on the Board of Commissioners.

Another important project proposal on docket #ZC21-4 was made by David Czerr, Deputy of Engineering for Charlotte Water; Carl Wilson, Chief Engineer; and Mac McClanahan, Project Manager. The proposed Water Tank Tower in Mint Hill on a portion of 12910 Palomino Drive, parcel number 135-331-05, was deferred by the Board of Commissioners for more discussion and additional details provided by Charlotte Water for further evaluation and recommendation from the Planning Board.

The proposal by Souder Properties, which was reported in our May report, to build a 40-45-unit storage and office space facility at 10905 and 10821 Blair Road under parcels 137-151-20, and 137-151-22 was deferred until July 8, 2021. The Planning Board is reviewing the application; they have prepared questions for Souder and are awaiting their response for further evaluation of the proposed project.

Finally, the Town of Mint Hill Budget for the Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2022, was officially submitted by Town Manager Brian Welch and was approved unanimously by the Board of Commissioners.

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