The Green Dog: A Balanced Approach To Dog Training

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MINT HILL, NC – Lisa Long has always had a love for animals. Her warm yet disciplined demeanor puts people and pets at ease, and she has that confident energy you want in a trainer. Working with dogs brings her immense joy, which shows in her approach to each dog. Lisa Long is a balanced trainer, which means that she is well-versed in a wide variety of the top training methods, as well as training tools so that she can create a personalized training program that matches not only your dog’s personality but also the needs of you and your family.

Lisa Long, owner and trainer at The Green Dog in Mint Hill.
Lisa Long, owner and trainer at The Green Dog in Mint Hill.

The Green Dog operates on the premise that training is a partnership between the trainer and the dog’s family. For any training to be effective, all parties involved must be on the same page, using the same commands, rewards, and corrections so that the dog gets consistent training across all parties. “Dog owners want a chill, well-mannered dog that they can take anywhere,” Ms. Long remarked, and that’s what she delivers. With her proven training methods, commitment to client involvement, and desire to bring out the best in all dogs, The Green Dog is fast becoming the premiere dog-training program in the area.

If you’re thinking of adopting a dog, you should already be thinking about training. The earlier you start socializing and training your dog, the better the outcome you’ll have in the long run. The Green Dog begins with a basic training format that includes on-leash training, basic manners, and commands, as well as working to extinguish bolting, jumping, and excessive barking behaviors. Additional training includes off-leash training, advanced programs, and therapy dog training. Ms. Long uses the K-9 Good Citizens program as the first step to therapy dog training. With therapy dog training, as opposed to basic training, you must ensure that your dog has the right demeanor to become a therapy dog. Ideal candidates are calm and responsive, and Ms. Long will help you determine if therapy dog training suits your canine.

“Consistency, clarity, and clear communication are key in training,” Ms. Long continued, “the entire family must use the same training techniques, routines, and methods for training to be successful.” The Green Dog believes that training is best when it’s kept “short and sweet,” with sessions lasting approximately 30 minutes, 2-3 times daily. “Each session should always end positively,” Ms. Long recommends. Training sessions that are too long can lead to dogs that act out or fail at commands due to distraction or boredom. The best thing about dog training is that you will see immediate results if you follow the protocols you and your trainer outline for your program.

The Green Dog offers board and train programs as well as in-home programs. With either choice, client involvement is the key to success. You need to expect a lot of repetition with rewards for correct behavior and consequences for incorrect behavior. Lisa evaluates each dog thoroughly and will help you determine if your dog needs additional therapy tools, such as specialized collars or harnesses, to learn or extinguish behaviors. “The first step is to figure out what works with your dog, what motivates your dog, and then balance rewards and corrections,” Ms. Long explained, “you don’t want the dog to shut down. You want to motivate your dog to want to behave in a well-mannered way.”

Ms. Long wants dog owners to understand that training is a process. It takes approximately three months to learn a new behavior thoroughly. Ms. Long notes that dogs are not fully trained if they require a training tool to elicit a behavior. Training tools are just tools—the goal of using them is to start a behavior response, but ultimately that response should depend upon the command, not the continued use of a tool.

The Green Dog would like to thank the community of Mint Hill for their warm welcome and continued support. Ms. Long truly enjoys being a Mint Hill resident, appreciating the unique shops and restaurants that call Mint Hill home. “When I moved to Mint Hill, I felt like I had found a hidden gem,” Ms. Long remarked. Her goal is to help dog owners genuinely enjoy their dogs. Her plans include organizing a free meet-up group at Veteran’s Park where current and prospective clients can gather, practice their training, and create a welcoming community of dog owners.

For more information about The Green Dog and the services available, please visit their website at or call Lisa at (646) 272-8876. In addition, you can follow The Green Dog on social media as the dogs learn and complete training via Facebook at The Green Dog and on Instagram @greendogtrainer.

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