The 10 Most Common Defects Found in Home Inspections

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When it’s time to buy a home, a home inspection becomes a very important part of the process. You don’t want to purchase a house for sale in Mint Hill, NC only to find out it has major issues.

The most common issues found with a home inspection will vary from one type of Mint Hill real estate to another. A historic home may have different issues than a newer home. However, here are ten of the most common defects you might run into with a home inspection.

Faulty Gutters

Clogged and bent gutters are the most common. When they no longer channel water away from the home, they are faulty.

Moisture in the Basement

A damp basement shows up on an inspection when mold, mildew, water stains, or a powdery residue is found on the walls. This is an issue that may come from faulty gutters.

Bad Wiring

Often, home inspections will find areas where no wire nuts were uses on wires, amperage is mismatched or an open junction box is present. These are often easily fixed issues.

Roof Issues

An older roof may have broken shingles, missing flashing or other issues. Roof issues are a very common issue found on home inspections.

Faulty Plumbing

Especially in older homes, bad plumbing shows up on home inspections often. This could include slow drains, leaky pipes or low water pressure.

Defective HVAC System

Whether the heat or the AC doesn’t work, a defective HVAC system is a common issue found on home inspections. It could even be due to a carbon monoxide leak.

Improper Grading/Drainage

Surface grading is a frequent problem inspectors find and may cause some of the other issues on the list.

Structural Issues

Things, such as foundation cracks, issues with rafters, or floor joist issues often show up on home inspections.

Poor Upkeep

Simper issues, such as a cracked driveway, peeling paint, or worn carpet can often show up on a home inspection.

Bad Ventilation

If the attic is very hot or there is vapor condensation, it could be a sign of poor ventilation in the home.

Home inspections reveal all types of issues you may not be able to see when you walk through a home. Make sure you have a thorough home inspection done before purchasing your next home. If you are looking to sell your home, getting your home pre-inspected might be a good idea as well. If you need a recommendation for a trusted home inspector, please contact me!

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