Tactical Pest And Termite Solutions: Your Source For Outstanding Pest Control

Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions is the premier choice for your pest control services.
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CHARLOTTE – We’ve all had those experiences with life’s little pests: ants in the cupboards, hornets under the eaves of the house, red ants that are tearing up the yard. Gary and Colleen Wojciechowicz opened Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions in 2014 to combat such problems. They offer general pest control, termite service, mosquito control, and yard pest programs for red ants and other insects.

tactical pest
Gary Wojciechowicz owns Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions with his wife, Colleen.

Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions won Best Pest Control in Matthews and Mint Hill in 2020, and they continue to operate with rave reviews. Gary and Colleen keep the company involved in the community through charity benefits, 5k runs, and other philanthropic events. They are local, family-run, and take great care to give their customers the best possible service.

Customers can find an option for a free quote on their website, tactical-pest.com. During a service call, technicians determine the source of the infestation and lure the insects back out with specialized bait. Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions also offers preventative care so that pests don’t even have the chance to become a problem. All Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions products are governed by the EPA and are pet, child, and environment safe.

Gary Wojciechowicz recently shared some tips to help keep your home pest-free:

  1. Keep shrubs around the home trimmed one foot back from the house.
  2. Keep your gutters clear.
  3. Do not overwater your lawn or have standing water in your yard.
  4. Keep your yard well-maintained free of debris and trash.

Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions aims to be your go-to pest control service with outstanding customer service. Friendly technicians are thoroughly background checked; they use top-quality products and have knowledgeable teams. They take pride in their work, always give their customers first-rate service, and have competitive pricing. For more information on Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions, please visit their website at tactical-pest.com. They are located at 8402 Fairview Road, Suite 103, in Mint Hill. You can reach them via phone at (704) 954-8455. In addition, please follow their journey and commitment to the community on their Facebook page, “Tactical Pest and Termite Solutions.”

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