Success Through Dedication: Ericka McKnight

Photo by Ericka Mcknight
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CHARLOTTE – Have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt the positivity flowing from someone?

That is the feeling you get when you walk into a room that Ericka Mcknight is in.  Positivity is flowing out of her continually, and it’s this energy that has driven her success as an African American Entrepreneur. She is a true diamond in the community and offers all that she can to support and encourage everyone around her. Ericka’s radiant personality along with her drive for success makes her an asset to our community in many ways.

ELM School of Real Estate student group picture
Photo by Ericka Mcknight

Born in Buffalo, NY, McKnight relocated during her childhood to Maryland but was always drawn to what the state of North Carolina offers. Since moving here 18 years ago and settling down in Waxhaw, NC, Ericka is proud to call North Carolina home. The pride that she has in this community shows with every action that she takes to give back. A prime example is how she adopted a two-mile section of one of the major roads in Waxhaw because she wanted to make sure that she could make it a true reflection of the community and her investment in it.

After an unpleasant experience with her own realtor upon moving to North Carolina, McKnight decided to get her license and make sure that she changed the experience for each and every client that she would represent. She soon found that she has a passion for all that industry has to offer.

McKnight has  received numerous awards along with opportunities to speak in other countries for Fortune 500 companies. She is one of the Top 10 instructors in North & South Carolina and served as Madam Board of Directors for the North Carolina Real Estate Educators Association.

McKnight takes pride in the success she has made in the real estate industry and has devoted herself to sharing that experience by providing real estate education and entrepreneurship training through her ELM School of Real Estate. 

Her passion for people and dedication show through her style of mentoring.  As the owner of ELM School of Real Estate, Ericka empowers and connects with her students through a teaching technique that includes real-life scenarios and other in-depth training techniques that will set them up with the tools to be a success story in the industry.

Ericka Mcknight giving back to the community
Photo by Ericka Mcknight

There is far more to Ericka than her love for the real estate industry. She is that friendly face in the crowd, that “real person” that everyone wants to be friends with.  She is a businesswoman that has energy just brings light into a room when she is around. 

Public service is also a huge part of McKnight’s life. She ran for Mayor in 2019 and House Seat 68 in 2020; she’s also been a part of the Waxhaw Board of Adjustments. These roles allow her to give back while also being the voice of the citizens. She is truly dedicated to serving the community and making sure that she is involved in all aspects of building a thriving area. 

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