Southern Perfection By Corey Brings Sweet Treats To Mint Hill

Corey Brown, of Southern Perfection By Corey, dressed to bake
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CHARLOTTE – Mint Hill residents with a sweet tooth will be especially interested in the area’s newest (and probably most delicious) business. Southern Perfection By Corey is Corey Brown’s long-awaited venture into baking professionally. Though Brown’s business was officially founded this year, his experience in the kitchen spans decades. In fact, he says he’s been whipping up delicious treats for over 20 years after logging many hours in the kitchen with his grandmother and great aunt as a child.

“I’ve always liked to eat, and I was always the kid that wanted to know how the cake came to be. To me, it was science,” Brown explains. 

He says he started small, baking simple items like cookies and brownies. From there, his family would share recipes and encourage him to think bigger with his baking. As he gained more experience, Brown says he began trying his hand at cakes, pies, and other sweet treats. Through trial and error, he perfected the recipes and learned how to yield delectable results.

“Not to be arrogant, but I’ve never gotten any type of complaints. It’s always, always positive,” he says with a laugh.

Though family and friends have been enjoying his creations for decades, Brown officially turned his talent for baking into a business this year with the creation of Southern Perfection by Corey. It’s crafted from equal parts love, grit, and the desire to support himself and his 19-year-old son. Turning baking into a job has long been a goal of Brown’s, but it’s taken time to prepare to bring that dream to life. 

“People who follow me on social media and even some close friends, they’ll say, ‘It’s about time you did this!’ But you don’t know my story. Everybody has one. I couldn’t afford to get an LLC. I couldn’t afford to go out and get the supplies I needed. But now I’m able to shine. I’m able to tell my story with a smile on my face,” he says.

Thanks to a plethora of positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals, Southern Perfection By Corey continues to grow. Though Brown is currently baking out of his home, he hopes to open a storefront here in Mint Hill sometime next year. 

Recently, he put the finishing touches on his first wedding cake, a significant milestone for any baker. His favorite dessert to make, though, is pound cake, and it seems his customers agree. He says it’s one of his bestselling selections, alongside his Italian cream cheese cake, red velvet cake, and carrot cake. 

It’s easy to imagine the temptation that comes from smelling delicious desserts baking in the oven all day. Surprisingly, Brown says this actually isn’t an issue for him.

“I’m not a big guy, and people always ask, ‘How do you stay so small?’ I’m not really a person who eats sweets like that. I’m more into making the desserts,” he says with a laugh.

If you’re unsure about exactly what kind of dessert would be best for a particular event, Brown says he’s happy to give a free consultation to customers to ensure they’re getting the best option as far as both flavor palate and serving size goes.

As the holidays approach, keep an eye on the Southern Perfection By Corey Facebook page for instructions on placing orders. His schedule fills up quickly, so you’ll want to place your order as soon as possible to make sure you’ve got your Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas party covered. Most desserts start at around $40, though price points vary depending on the dessert’s type and size.

As he reflects back on the creation of his long-awaited business, Brown has advice for those who are eyeing entrepreneurship but don’t know where to begin. He says, “Everybody has a talent. Some people have hidden talents, and they don’t know what they are yet. But you’ve got to find that and follow it.”

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