Sophrosyne Wellness Offers Personalized Health Coaching For A Healthier You

Rosy Crumpton, National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and owner of Sophrosyne Wellness.
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MINT HILL, NC – Rosy Crumpton, National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and owner of Sophrosyne Wellness, has always been passionate about helping people on their journey to a healthier life. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, Ms. Crumpton had been working in the social work and behavioral health fields for fifteen years when she became intrigued by the field of health coaching. After her mother suffered a stroke at 41, Ms. Crumpton decided to pursue a career in health coaching to help her family and to help all people realize their ability to attain a healthy lifestyle personalized to their needs. She graduated from Duke University’s Integrative Medicine program and became one of only 8,400 National Board Certified Health Coaches who collaborate with the National Board of Medical Examiners and can partner with medical organizations and people. This is one of the many attributes that sets Sophrosyne Wellness apart from a typical health coaching businesses.

The ribbon cutting ceremony for Sophrosyne Wellness in March of 2023. Pictured left to right are Diane Holmes, Twanna Henderson, Phil Angelo, Rosy Crumpton, and Debbie Brinckman.

Sophrosyne Wellness aims to empower its clients to be accountable and work on their health and wellness, improving their quality of life. They firmly believe in the World Health Organization’s definition of health, which is “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Ms. Crumpton remarked that “everyone can be their version of healthy.” Sophrosyne Wellness aims to help empower everyone to achieve wellness, noting that healthy looks different for every body.

“Sophrosyne Wellness is not a cookie-cutter program,” Ms. Crumpton continued, “we work hard to determine your version of healthy and work towards those goals with personalized programs designed to build accountability, empower each individual, and build a sustainable system that will carry on even after you have finished the program.” Sophrosyne Wellness offers one-to-one coaching, small group programs, and wellness workshops using an integrative care model that treats the whole person. Their health coaching topics include Nutrition, Healthy Movement and Exercise, The Mind-Body Connection, Mindset and Mindfulness, Family Wellness, Personal and Professional Development, and other issues that can be tailored to your specific needs. Ms. Crumpton also recently hired a Licensed Dietitian and Nutritionist to add to the services available at Sophrosyne Wellness.

Ms. Crumpton firmly believes in equity of service; thus, Sophrosyne Wellness partners with the Matthews Free Medical Clinic to make their services accessible to all individuals regardless of insurance or income. National Board Certified Health Coaches are also working to make their services reimbursable by insurance. Some insurance providers allow patients to treat services as a copay and may allow the use of HSA or FSA accounts to pay for coaching. Many clients find that investing in their health and wellness is more cost-effective than paying for the constant medical needs of maintaining life with chronic health issues.

Ms. Crumpton and her staff’s compassionate care and individualized plans mean that everybody can achieve a healthy level of wellness that can be sustained and maintained throughout the rest of their lives. Sophrosyne Wellness offers a free Personal Health Inventory on its website to help you determine if health coaching is right for you. In addition, they provide a free fifteen-minute virtual/phone consultation to help you decide if Sophrosyne Wellness is a good fit for you. They will also support you by referring you to community partners.

Sophrosyne Wellness is located at 7319 Matthews Mint Hill Road, Suite M, in Mint Hill. To learn more about health coaching, please visit Sophrosyne Wellness’s website at or call them at (980) 209-0721. In addition, you can follow their journey on social media on Facebook at Sophrosyne Wellness and Instagram @sophrosyne_wellness.

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