Servant’s Heart Gives $1M In Assistance In First Five Years

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MINT HILL, NC – On September 1, Servant’s Heart celebrates a milestone: five years of serving the Mint Hill Community.  In just half a decade in our community, Servant’s Heart has given over $1M in assistance to help over 23,000 people in our community.

“Our scope of service is to help people who are housed remain housed,” says Founder and Executive Director Kim Rhodarmer.  “We do that through various programs which help folks with basic necessities.”

That impressive $1M figure includes 6002 services provided to 1013 households, including BillPay assistance for 348 households, client shopping experiences for 162 households and food for 2080 households.  A unique resource at Servant’s Heart is their non-food pantry stocked with items from 25 specific categories that people use on a daily or weekly basis – like toilet paper, shampoo and deodorant – that food stamps do not cover.  To date, Servant’s Heart has provided non-food pantry items for 1078 households.

Families in need are able to shop for gifts for their children
Families in need are able to shop for gifts for their children

That number also includes assistance given through Servant’s Heart’s successful seasonal programs.  In five years, Servant’s Heart has distributed 1228 book bags to children of clients in all nine of Mint Hill’s schools through their Back2School Program, a figure that represents an $80,500 investment in the education of kids right here in our community.  Turkey Tuesday has provided 2,201 people with all the groceries for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, a total of $57,885 in assistance.  Through their Christmas Assistance program, 1632 children have received new toys and gift cards valued at $131,626.

$1M is an impressive figure, but the help that Servant’s Heart provides to the Mint Hill community goes beyond a number.  “Giving one million dollars in assistance to our community within our first  five years was not even a goal,” says Rhodarmer.  “Servant’s Heart is a conduit to help a community help itself.  It’s neighbors helping neighbors.  It happens because of the type of people who are drawn to Mint Hill  – kind, caring, giving people. “

Servant's Heart Community Boutique
Servant’s Heart Community Boutique

It’s the kind, caring, giving people and organizations here in Mint Hill that have made it possible for Servant’s Heart to give so much back.  One of the reasons Servant’s Heart has been so successful are community donations and purchases to the Community Boutique.  Another reason is the support from local churches, schools and civic groups. Last but not least, there is the individual commitment to be a financial contributor and/or volunteer in assistance programs/community boutique, especially during this COVID environment.  

Servant’s Heart is counting on the continued support of the community as they move into year six and beyond.  Launched in July of 2019, Servant’s Heart’s BillPay assistance program helps those in need with past due electric bills and disconnection notices before disconnection occurs.  Rhodarmer encourages Mint Hill’s citizens to consider one or more $10 “LifeNet” sponsorships, $10 every month paid to this specific program, which will purchase one “LifeNet.”  “We need commitments for 300 LifeNets allowing Servant’s Heart to have a pool of about $120k to help people with BillPay assistance,” says Rhodarmer.  The 12-month commitment can be paid at one time ($120) or monthly ($10).

A prior Servant's Heart anniversary celebration
A prior Servant’s Heart anniversary celebration

On Saturday, September 4, Servant’s Heart welcomes the community to celebrate with them at the Community Boutique.  There will be Chick-fil-A cookies for all, Chick-fil-A sandwich gift cards for the first 100 purchases over $25, and a coupon wheel at the register.  “Without a supportive community, there would be nothing to celebrate,” says Rhodarmer. “Come join the festive environment as we celebrate 5 years of serving our community together.”  

For more information about how you can help your neighbors through Servant’s Heart, visit and click the “Donation” tab, or email or call Kim Rhodarmer at or (704) 680-6533. 

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