Servant’s Heart Celebrates First Year Anniversary

Servant's Heart Founder Kim Rhodarmer (right) and Tracy Doyle, Boutique Manager.
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Servant’s Heart of Mint Hill provides assistance programs and operates a community boutique to help those in the neighborhood who are in need of the basics of everyday living.

Servant’s Heart front entrance.

Recently on Friday September 1, 2017 marked the first year anniversary of Servant’s Heart.  During their short existence in the Mint Hill community, the non-profit has provided 871 services which helped 2,812 citizens totaling $82,545 in tangible products.

Also, during the beginning of the new academic year Servant’s Heart was able to collect and donate $10,000 in value of school supplies to Lebanon Road Elementary, Clear Creek Elementary and Northeast Middle under the Student Supply Program.

The organization which is managed and operated by Founder and Executive Director, Kim Rhodarmer has certainly made a huge and positive impact upon the residents of Mint Hill.  Kim is a long time resident who has lived in the community for sixteen years.  “It’s a very gratifying feeling to help people in the community in which I have lived for many years,” said Kim.  She also commented “Mint Hill residents are a gracious and giving people.”

Servant’s Heart operates a Community Boutique located at 9229 North Lawyers Road in Mint Hill where individuals, churches and business entities can donate new or used items such as clothing, furniture, toys and décor in good condition.  The store sells these items and the proceeds support Assistance Programs dedicated for residents and neighbors in the community.

They also develop partnerships with different organizations who are able to provide such services as car repairs, food pantries and financial assistance.  The volunteers are required to commit to four hours one day per week to stock, sort donations, work the cash register, provide customer service, offer administrative support, marketing skills, communication skills and help with seasonal assistance programs.  The volunteers are truly the heroes of the entire operation as Servant’s Heart could not open its doors to serve the community.

The Fall opening began this week when the boutique changed the display to an autumn setting.  It’s all part of a seasonal change which is very exciting for all who are deeply involved in this endeavor.  “It takes a lot of work, dedication, passion and commitment between customers and volunteers, said Tracy Doyle, Community Boutique Manager.  “We develop many friendships, have fun and we just love our Mint Hill community,” added Tracy.

If you want to support or serve as a volunteer, please connect on Facebook and check out their website.   Also, for information about Assistance Programs, please contact Kim Rhodarmer at (704)-680-6533, extension 2, or e-mail  For information about the Community Boutique and volunteer opportunities, please call Tracy Doyle at (704)-680-6533, extension 3, or e-mail

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