Senior Retreat an option for retirement

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Senior Retreat focuses on providing residents with comfort, personal care and attention.

There are currently two Senior Retreat facilities in the Charlotte area.

Senior Retreat at Lansdowne is at 7219 Folger Drive while Senior Retreat at Park Crossing is at 10408 Avondale Avenue.

“Senior Retreat is what we call a licensed family care home,” Phil Koch, who owns the facilities, said.

It (Senior Retreat) is for seniors and is kind of a cross between assisted living and early stage memory care. The age of residents varies at the facilities and includes both men and women. The services offered are similar to the ones found at other care facilities though at Senior Retreat, people have the option of moving in full-time or to come for a respite stay. Instead of being charged per month, respite stay allows people to stay for a period of days and be charged per day, Koch said.

Koch also owns ComForCare Home Care, a licensed home care agency. He saw starting the Senior Retreat facilities as an extension of the work they already did with the home care service.  The Senior Retreat at Landsdowne opened in 2015 and since it was doing so well, they decided to open the one at Park Crossing, Koch said.

At the Senior Retreat facilities they can have a maximum of six residents. A small staff works to serve residents as well as their families. Residents are given three meals a day, snacks, personal and medical care during their stay. Residents also have a choice of rooms when they move in, Koch said.

“We charge a monthly flat rate according to the room selected and the assessment done prior to when the guest moves in,” he said.

With Senior Retreat, they are taking things one step at a time and are interested in possibly expanding to a third house, Koch said.

“What I like the most is helping seniors with another option in retirement community living and watching them flourish,” he said when discussing his goals for Senior Retreat.

Melanie Bryant, a supervisor in charge at Senior Retreat at Landsdowne, said she’s enjoys the atmosphere at it.

All of the staff works as a team and residents, resident families and staff work to stay active and keep each other informed, Bryant said.

“It’s just a good family environment,” she said.

For more information about Senior Retreat, visit the company’s website at

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