Sam’s Xpress Car Wash: A Community Staple Continues to Grow

Sam's Xpress Car Wash in Mint Hill, NC (D. M. Wallace)
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Since the first location opened in late 2012, Sam’s Xpress Car Wash has grown to become one of the most important car washing facilities in our area, serving 24 communities across North and South Carolina. Four new Sam’s Xpress Car Wash locations are under construction or beginning construction soon.

Although Sam’s Xpress continues to grow, their involvement in the community remains a central aspect of the culture of the company.  Through their fundraising programs, Sam’s Xpress has helped dozens of local non-profit organizations reach their goals of enriching lives in the community through charitable giving, scholarship, education and extracurricular activities.

Employees cleaning a car before it goes into the was at Sam’s Xpress, Mint Hill. (D. M. Wallace)

Another focus of Sam’s Xpress is consistency of experience at each car wash location.  A centralized training program ensures that each employee is trained to receive the skills needed to provide the customer service and car cleaning experience that Sam’s Xpress promises.

Backing the promises of Sam’s Xpress Car Wash is a four day rewash period that comes with every Top Wash purchase that allows you to wash the same vehicle again within four days just by scanning your original receipt.  The Mint Hill location also offers up to 18 cents off per gallon with the purchase of a car wash when refueling at their onsite ExxonMobil gas pumps.

The entrance to the car wash at Sam’s Xpress Mint Hill (D. M. Wallace)

Possibly the most important aspect of the operations of Sam’s Xpress Car Wash is their water usage strategy. On average, Sam’s Xpress uses 15 gallons of water or less per wash and 90 percent of this water is recycled with the remaining 10 percent being treated and cleaned before disposal.

Sam’s Xpress free Vacuums in action. (D. M. Wallace)

Sam’s Xpress offers free vacuums, free compressed air and free hot beverages. More importantly they offer a well-maintained, professional facility that allows for consumer confidence that most of competition simply can’t provide.

The exit of the car wash at Sam’s Xpress Mint Hill (D. M. Wallace)

You can visit or call 704-563-3981 for more information.

Sign at the exit of Sam’s Xpress, Mint Hill (D. M. Wallace)
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