Rocky River Football Media Day Event

2019 Rocky River Varsity Football Team. (Ed Berti)
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Rocky River Seniors. (Ed Berti)
Ravens QB Korey Hailey. (Ed Berti)

The Rocky River football team held their annual media day Saturday, August 10th on campus in the gymnasium. Due to rainy weather conditions the Athletic Director, Steve Robinson moved the event from the football stadium labeled the “Rock” to an indoor location, known as the “Ravens Nest.”

Prior to the media day event, the high school held an annual father and son breakfast at the schools cafeteria which was celebrated and enjoyed by all who attended. The food was very good, the coaches talked about what they hope to accomplish during the football season. What they expect from the players as head football coach Orlando Gray continues to build a solid culture and foundation at the school. Also, what was stressed is how athletics builds character, discipline, self-confidence, and much more in the players lives. However, just as important if not more, how fatherhood plays an integral role in having a positive influence on these young men.

All young men need role models, the coaches, parents, grandparents, other family members, mentors and teachers all play an important role in their development and maturity as they move on into adulthood.

Both the varsity squad of 40 players, and junior varsity team put on their pads, uniforms, helmets and all looked sharp for their photo shoot. Also, they appeared ready to compete and look forward to having a winning football campaign.

As a reminder, the Ravens will kick-off this seasons home opener on Friday, August 23 at 7:00 p.m. They will host the Lions from West Charlotte which should prove to be a good football game.

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