Remodelmate: Eliminating In-Home Consultation for Bathroom Remodeling

One of Remodelmate's bathroom projects (Photo courtesy of Logan Phillips)
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CHARLOTTE – Remodelmate, a home renovation technology company serving Charlotte and the surrounding areas, is changing the landscape of bathroom remodeling.

With an emphasis on transparency and efficiency, the company’s revolutionary approach to remodeling consultation provides unrivaled convenience, along with the peace of mind, to homeowners and contractors alike.

Logan Phillips, head of operations at Remodelmate
Logan Phillips, head of operations at Remodelmate

The company’s goal to eliminate in-home consultation is brought to life through their virtual options. By visiting, homeowners can engage in a live chat, receive estimates on standard projects, and set up a video consultation, if needed. 

Logan Phillips, head of operations at Remodelmate, said that through their formal consultations can occur at practically any time on any day. Phillips described the many benefits that Remodelmate provides to both homeowners and contractors, including helping homeowners to file permits, decide on proper materials, and design renovations, in addition to the inherent convenience of a virtual consultation. Phillips said that Remodelmate helps contractors to save time and money on advertising, pursuing leads, and giving quotes, by acting as a connection between contractors and clients. 

If a video consultation, or one of the standard projects offered by Remodelmate, doesn’t meet your needs, the company has begun to roll out a 3D scanning mobile app, allowing for the most accurate representation of the specifications of your project. Despite the company’s impressive technology, its most revolutionary implementation could be its pricing structure.

A before and after shot of a Remodelmate bathroom project
A before and after shot of a Remodelmate project (Photo courtesy of Remodelmate)

Traditionally, Phillips said, homeowners will pay roughly one-third of a project cost at the beginning of a project, one-third at the halfway point, and one-third upon completion. Remodelmate, instead, uses a payment structure referred to as Milestones, breaking down payments based on individual aspects of a project, such as a vanity installation, lighting installation, tile installation or anything else to be remodeled, and acquiring payment only upon completion of individual tasks.

Through this structure, Phillips said, a full remodel will consist of roughly 15 to 20 payments over the course of a project. Phillips said that the Milestones format provides more control with less risk for all parties involved, as either party can walk away without loss if satisfactory outcomes are unachievable. The Milestones format provides other inherent benefits as well, particularly in the realm of cost transparency, as a customer knows exactly how much and when they are paying for each piece of the project. Contractors, as well, know exactly how much money they will receive for each task that they perform. As Milestones are paid for upon completion, the only upfront cost for starting a project is a $100 booking fee.

The company, Phillips said, believes in brevity and clarity, and from their offerings, that is evident. For more information on Remodelmate, to receive a quote, or to book your consultation today, visit

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