Remembering Troy Pollard

Troy Pollard
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MINT HILL, NC – A letter by Beth Hamrick remembering Troy Pollard.

Troy Pollard served as Mayor of the Town of Mint Hill from 1975 until his 1991 retirement from office. Under Mayor Pollard’s leadership, the Town of Mint Hill’s foundation was built to make mint Hill ‘the place’ to live as a thriving Mecklenburg County town known for its small-town atmosphere. During his 16 years as Mayor:

● the Town’s first park was constructed on Wilgrove-Mint Hill Road;

● upon the Town being gifted five acres of land to be used for government purposes(along with the purchase of ten adjoining acres), the first Town Hall and Public WorksFacility were built in 1983 at 7151 Matthews-Mint Hill Road, now home to the police department;

● the first Land Use Plan and numerous zoning amendments for the betterment of the community were adopted;

● Mint Hill grew rapidly in part due to development, but also the desire from adjacent property owners to be annexed into the Town limits; and,

● the Board approved commercial developments that brought the convenience of the Town’s first major grocery and drug stores

In addition, Mayor Pollard served 12 years as Chairman of the area’s Metropolitan Planning Organization, the committee charged with making recommendations/decisions regarding regional transportation needs. He built strong working relationships with neighboring towns and state and County officials; and, Mint Hill became an exemplary community with regard to managing its growth and budget. On several occasions, other communities seeking municipal incorporation would consult with Mayor Pollard for guidance; and, the Town was recognized by the State for its sound financial practices under his leadership. Troy was rightfully proud of his accomplishments as Mayor, and a proud recipient of the Mecklenburg County Order of the hornet and the North Carolina’s Order of the Long Leaf Pine — awards bestowed upon those who make extraordinary contributions to the community and State.

Troy Pollard believed in public service both as an elected official and citizen. He served on community health alliances; and, he advocated for and supported local centers helping those in need, oftentimes quietly donating or doing a good deed for others. He served for decades as an active volunteer as well as Chairman and Treasurer for the Mint Hill Volunteer fire department and Emergency Ambulance Service. Countless times he drove the ambulance to quickly but safely deliver patients in distress to the hospital. He was actively involved with theMint Hill Business Association, the forerunner of the Chamber of Commerce. In summary, Troy Pollard’s mission was to serve others.

Troy was a leader, friend, and lifelong learner. His door was always open to accepting visitors and those who needed a helping hand or seeking advice. As a leader, he stood firm on his ideals/beliefs and enjoyed a good debate; but at the end of the day, he accepted there are times when two sides have to “agree to disagree”. As a friend, Troy would listen and offer his opinion or advice based on his research, knowledge, and/or experience. He would not tell people what they wanted to hear, but what he believed they needed to hear. As a mentor, he wanted — and expected — people to strive to be their best and do their best work; and, that expectation could be somewhat daunting at times. Those who came to realize he was not trying to intimidate but help them, reaped the benefit of learning to put their best foot forward so they could take the utmost pride in their work. Troy never grew tired of enhancing his knowledge, and his exceptional memory served him well in that endeavor. At a time when many in his generation were hesitant to do so, he embraced the challenge of new technology.

Upon the passing of Troy Pollard on January 16, 2021, those who had the good fortune of knowing Troy as family, friend, mentor, or through the brotherhood of MHVFD, are mourning. Mint Hill lost an individual whose legacy of public service left the community a better place. It is with heartfelt gratitude for Troy Pollard’s contributions to the Town of Mint Hill and surrounding communities that sincere sympathy is extended to the Pollard family as well as the entire community.

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