Recap Of Recent Town Hall Meetings

Local Boy Scout Nathan Lowry and Mom attend Town Hall Meeting.
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MINT HILL, NC – The Board of Commissioners of the Town of Mint Hill met for their normal monthly session on Thursday, December 8, 2022.

We will focus on a few issues that came up during the two most recent meetings. First and foremost, J.R. Wright Strategic Real Estate Partners, reached out to the Planning Board Director Hoard to reschedule a presentation on a development project proposal located at 10542 and 10650 Blair Road, Parcels 139-091-02 and 139-091-01, for an extension to a later date.

Epcon Communities, a developer of 55 and up communities, is interested in making a presentation for a development project at 8612 Fairview Road, Parcel Number 197-201-14. The proposal includes dedicating 2.78 acres of the property to the Town of Mint Hill for future commercial development as deemed appropriate. However, the remaining 30 acres would be used for the development of 67 units of residential housing, which would include open spaces, an amenity area, and an attractive water fountain feature. It’s assumed this would be at the entrance, but this needs to be confirmed.

Also, the plan includes two access points off of Quail Park Drive including a pedestrian walkway to access Veterans Memorial Park for the residents. Epcon is very interested in expediting this particular project. The proposed “The Courtyards at Quail Park” would consist of luxury single-level patio home units with an open and clean environment in close proximity to local shopping and parks for recreation and enjoyment, making this location ideal according to the developer.

The Commissioners had some questions for the developer regarding age restriction, homeowners association, water safety concerns, fencing, screening to secure the water feature, parking, and widths of the roads within the community.  Mayor Simmons stated based on the projects acreage, the maximum amount of lots would need to be 66 and  Epcon should plan accordingly.

The topic that took up the majority of the December meeting was a visit and presentation from the Mecklenburg County Tax Accessor. The County has changed their revaluation of properties from every eight years to four years. They claim this is in line with other municipalities and counties in the state and across the country.

Accordingly, Mint Hill will have a property revaluation in 2023 to become effective in 2024. There will be a review process for appeals. The county will provide an online portal for residents and property owners to file appeals if they choose to appeal their property assessment. The tax accessors did mention $450K is the average current market property value in Mecklenburg County.

This is the calendar of the 2023 Revaluation Update:

  • November 2021 – March 2022 – Community Engagement
  • February – December 2022 – Citizens Review Committee
  • December 2022 – February 2023 – CAO Value Revaluation
  • March 2023 – Notices of Mailing to Property Owners
  • March 2023 – Informal Appeals Period Begins
  • April 2023 – Board of Equalization and Review Begins
  • June 2023 – Appeal Period Ends
  • July 2023 – FY 2024 Tax Bill Mailing to Property Owners

Meanwhile, residents who live on Idlewild Road near I-485 expressed concerns to the Board of Commissioners and Mayor about a development project similar to the Phillips Place complex in the South Park area.  Their concerns centered around a proposed roundabout to be completed in 2025 and the resulting lack of ability to make a left turn out of their development. The residents expressed safety concerns, additional traffic congestion challenges, and potential devaluation of property values. The Mayor expressed his concern and is familiar with the situation. He appears to be committed to find a solution by working with the Towns of Matthews and Stallings.

Finally on a lighter note, young Boy Scout Nathan Lowry and his mom attended the Town Hall meeting. Nathan is working on achieving his merit badge for civics and witnessed how the Town conducts it’s business firsthand while supporting and representing the citizens and residents of Mint Hill.

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