Recap Of March Mint Hill Board Of Commissioners Meeting

The Center of Town. Only blocks away from Town Hall.
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MINT HILL, NC – On March 11, 2021, the Mayor and Mint Hill Board of Commissioners held their monthly meeting to review and discuss some important topics pertaining to the community’s business and development.

The board approved the following items on the Consent Agenda:

  • Accepted the Mint Hill events request for a noise ordinance waiver during Mint Hill Madness scheduled for this coming autumn.
  • Accepted the February tax collector’s report.
  • Consideration is being given to declare portions of tax parcels 135-191-15, and 135-191-18 as surplus property.
  • Accepted the January treasurer’s reports and financials.

The NVR, Inc. proposal to construct 130 townhomes on the property along Lawyer’s Road request to rezone (to allow the residential project to proceed) has been deferred until April 8, 2021.

All appointment applications from residents who volunteered to serve on the Land Use Advisory Committee were approved by the Mayor and the board unanimously. Accordign to Mayor Brad Simmons, the committee will be occupied by 12-14 citizens.

Regarding the Town’s Land Use Plan, the Planning Director reviewed the project schedule. The three phases – Discovery, Plan Development, and Plan Documentation – will begin with phase 1, Discovery, on Thursday, March 18. The meeting was announced Tuesday, March 16, and will be virtual. The meeting will begin at 6:00 pm, and is scheduled through 8:00 pm. Please go to the Town’s website for more detail information.

The major topic of discussion was the facility improvements at the Mint Hill Athletic Association (MHAA). The complex originally developed in 1994 is in need of some serious repair and upgrading, and there are some safety hazards on the site requiring attention. Some of the proposed improvements include safety and usability improvements such as new LED lighting and additional amenities which include the addition of a playground for siblings and younger children not participating in an athletic activity.

The estimated breakdown expenditure of the proposed improvements include the following funds in the proposal. The cost for a new playground is $125,000, other miscellaneous improvements around the complex for field upgrades, fencing, dugouts, and parking (for example) is $395,000. The LED field lighting is the most expensive item, but a necessary long-term investment of $2.4 million. Meanwhile, the senior field has an outstanding debt of $180,000 that must be factored into the entire cost equation.

Finally, the estimated cost for additional staff, capital and equipment, maintenance, and utilities, is approximately $110,000 annually. The fields have thus far been maintained and upgraded by volunteers, but aging and degradation have taken a toll over the years. The Town’s plan is a long-term strategy that will benefit our youth programs in the short-term, and enhance the quality of life in the community for many decades into the future.

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