Reach more people with Facebook Ads

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Facebook is a giant among all other social media platforms. Not only does it have the most users, but it also has the most active daily users as well.

While younger demographics tend to be on a different platform, for most businesses, their ideal client is on Facebook.

That’s great for businesses because Facebook has the most powerful ads manager program on digital media, rivaled only by Google perhaps, in my opinion.

What makes Facebook ads so much better than others? They simply have more data. Facebook is engineered for conversing with friends and family and profiles are generally private with most information not able to be seen by just anyone.

That means people tell Facebook more about them than they do on other social platforms. They often will share where they work, what their position is, who they are related to etc. And because Facebook differentiates between a personal profile and a business page, it’s easy for them to know who you are actually close with offline.

Facebook uses all of that information to make money through ads, and businesses reap the benefit of all that information. Facebook ads allow you to target very specific demographics to get the most out of your ad dollars.

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