Queens Grant offers Life Skills Program to students

QGHS classroom.
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Queens Grant High School began offering a Life Skills Program twice monthly to Stallion students after school for an hour session.  The seminars began in October and are scheduled to run throughout the entire school year ending in May.

The seminars are designed to introduce high school students to the important topics that could impact their lives as they progress in high school into college, technical training and eventually into the work force and becoming responsible young adults.

The objective is to build and develop personal, interpersonal, financial, and many other important life skills to prepare students to better enter into adulthood.  The goal is to prepare students to make better and more informed decisions that will have an impact on their lives moving forward.  The emphasis is on making not only good choices, but how to make the right choices that will influence their lives in a positive way.

The program is supported by the QGHS administration including Principal Dr. Michael Smith and Assistant Principal Mary Rose Ramsey.  The faculty has also been supportive and have been actively involved in some of the seminar sessions.

The seminars during the first half of the school year include the following topics that are not part of the students curriculum.  They include Basics of budgeting and personal finances, College Bound, moving out, expectations and preparation, Basic cooking and household skills, Personal self management skills include making healthy decisions, reducing stress and anger management, Car repair and insurance, Alcohol and drug resistance skills, include consequences of substance use, risk taking, influence of social media and peer pressure.

In the second half others topics of interest and discussion in seminars will include goal setting for personal, academic, potential career choices and more, Self-defense and survival skills, Communications skills written, verbal, non-verbal, personal, conversational,  Time Management skills and techniques, Basic first aid, the impact of technology in our lives, building relationships, networking, listening, manners and more.  The school administration is also considering other possible topics of interest for the student body to experience in these Life Skills seminars.

The seminars are offered to all students freshman to seniors on two Thursdays a month between 3:00 – 4:00 in the afternoon at a convenient location on campus.  Parental support has been positive and the students who have attended the seminars have benefitted from the opportunity and experience.

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