Queen’s Grant Names Junior Marshals

Queen's Grant High School Junior Marshals. (Photo provided by College Counselor Sandy Ubriaco)
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MINT HILL, NC – Queen’s Grant High School, a charter school of over 500 students, recently named their 2021-2022 Junior Marshals. The students are selected based on their academic standing at the end of their sophomore year.

Junior Marshals are selected each academic year according to their overall GPA after their first two years of high school. The top 20 students academically in the junior class earn the title of Junior Marshal based on their performance outlined in the selection process.

Being selected and earning Junior Marshal recognition does come with added responsibilities and duties to be performed. They include participation in the school’s graduation, open house, senior dinner, and at other select school functions and events.

At graduation in particular the Junior Marshals play a very active and vital role in the joyous occasion. They serve an important role in assisting teachers, counselors,  administrators, and students involved in the event to make sure the ceremonies run smoothly. The Marshals may assist in creating the programs, greet guests and hand out programs as they enter the graduation ceremony, help direct guests and family members to their seats, and run errands as needed to ensure the graduation runs as smoothly as possible.

All Marshals are expected to perform their tasks and duties in a professional manner with the utmost respect while they uphold the Queen’s Grant High School Code of Conduct.

In alphabetical order, congratulations to Nasya Allen, Michael Alzar, Natalie Bell, Micah Burkheimer, Isabelle Duquette, Peyton Hamorsky, Reagan Hamorsky, Kylie Hart, Caleb Koehler, Anna Marie Krupka, Naomi Moga, Elijah Montgomery, Andrew Nebrig, Nicole Renner, Becca Sergel, Caitlyn Slack, Julian Stegall, Sofia Tatta, Conner Trakas and Ava Weimer.

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