Queen’s Grant High School Adds Outdoor Classroom

Queen's Grant's new outdoor classroom
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MINT HILL, NC – Queen’s Grant High School recently added an “outdoor classroom” to its campus.

Located outside the Science Mod, the outdoor classroom has 6 rectangular picnic tables complete with umbrellas to provide shade.  It is surrounded on three sides by a 4’ border of garden dirt and mulch.

Queen's Grant's new outdoor classroom
Queen’s Grant’s new outdoor classroom

Big thanks go to Queen’s Grant’s men’s soccer team and YCI Club for volunteering to move the gravel, dirt and mulch that form the new outdoor space.  The garden area will be used by interested clubs (like the school’s Garden Club) as well as the science department and other classes.  Rain barrels and a hose installed nearby will help turn the area into a vibrant herb, vegetables and flower garden.

Created as an alternative meant to enrich to learning experience for teachers and students alike, Queen’s Grant’s new outdoor classroom promises to be a beautiful space for everyone to enjoy.

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Mary Beth Foster
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