Queen’s Grant Gymnasium and Student Performance Center Planned

Christine Amaral, CFO and Josh Swartzlander, Principal at Queen's Grant High School. (Ed Berti)
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Board President,Ted Biggers signing documents. (Christine Amaral)

Queen’s Grant High School reported recently they purchased property adjacent to their current campus on Idlewild Road to construct a new facility to be used as a gymnasium and student performance center for their student body.

The project is still in its infancy and planning stage at this point in time. The first step was to secure the property so the school can begin to fulfill its long-term goals. “The vision in the first stage will be the construction of the gymnasium and student activity center to be located towards the rear of the property. Stage two, would include an administration building to be located in front of the property close to the road,” said Ted Biggers, President, Queen’s Grant Board of Directors.

The Board is expected to move forward to develop and review a site plan, building elevations, and other pertinent details toward the end of this year or early during the first quarter of 2020.

Furthermore, the Queen’s Grant Board of Directors is excited for our students and faculty,  our community, including the additional benefits this property will provide,” said Biggers.

The property is 7 acres of additional land which will certainly benefit the high school and expand its programs in both athletics and in the arts. “It is important we provide the right balance between sports and the arts at our school. Things are certainly looking up for our school in the near future,” said Josh Swartzlander, Principal, at Queen’s Grant High School.

This expansion should open up additional opportunities for the charter school to provide more value as an alternative educational choice for parents and students. The facilities are extremely important when families are considering their options when making a school choice decision.

“We are excited for the opportunity to grow the school for our current and future students who decide to attend and participate in our programs,” said Christine Amaral, Chief Financial Officer at the high school.

We will remain in contact with all the key players involved and keep our readers and citizens informed of any new developments.

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