QGHS Senior Earns High School Diploma and College Degree

Emily Schadt wearing her CPCC cap and gown.
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MINT HILL, NC – Queen’s Grant High School offers an opportunity for students to obtain their high school diploma and take college-level courses to earn credit toward a degree. The dual enrollment program is free for students, however, the student’s family is responsible for paying all student fees.

The Career and College Program allows students to take college-level courses at Central Piedmont Community College in the fall semester of their junior year and continue through the summer after they graduate. The courses allow students to continue at CPCC and pursue an Associate’s Degree. Students may transfer their college credits earned to a four-year college or university. The students enrolled in the program may also participate in certificate programs in Emergency Medicine, Interior Design, Medical Assisting, Culinary Arts, Early Childhood Education, and other career opportunities. The students still qualify for scholarships and aid with as many as 30 credits hours completed or more.

All students must meet a minimum unweighted GPA requirement of 2.8 or have qualifying test scores to be eligible to participate in the program.

The Mint Hill Times interviewed Emily Schadt who graduated from Queen’s Grant High School and Central Piedmont Community College simultaneously:

Question 1. What initially attracted and motivated you to enroll in the program?

The opportunity to get college credit while still in high school appeared to be beneficial economically and to my education. I also look for ways to challenge myself academically and the higher-level courses allowed me to do that.

Question 2. What role did your parents and QGHS play in the decision?

They initially discouraged me from attempting to get the degree because it was such an intense workload. After I decided to still attempt to complete the degree, both my parents and my principal supported me. Queen’s Grant was especially helpful in the flexibility that they allowed me to have with my schedule. Without that, I wouldn’t have been able to attend certain classes.

Question 3. What were the challenges and rewards you experienced?

The biggest challenge was the sheer amount of work that I needed to put in. I completed most of the classes needed for my degree this year and past summer, so it was three very full semesters. The biggest reward is my Associates’s degree.

Question 4. How did taking college-level courses in math and computer sciences impact your academics in high school?

Emily Schadt enjoying her achievement
Emily Schadt enjoying her achievement

Taking higher-level classes actually helped me understand my high school classes of the same subject better.

Question 5. What aspects of the program do you believe better prepared you for the next step to further advance your college education?

At Queen’s Grant High School all the classes are year long, so experiencing mostly college classes let me get used to having a more open schedule.

Question 6. Where do you go from here? What’s your next step?

I am planning to attend the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in the Fall for an engineering degree. I would like to do a Disney Imagineering internship during my time in college because I hope to eventually work as a Disney Imagineer, designing the rides for the parks.

If students or parents are interested in obtaining more specific information please contact your high school College Counselor. At Queen’s Grant contact Ms. Emily Lindsay at (704) 545-0736 or e-mail: lindsay@queensgranthigh.org at your convenience.

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