Put Tools in School

Rodney McGee's sons (ages 9 & 10)  were with him as assistants and saw habits and skills demonstrated that are amazing. These boys were engaged and happy through 4 1/2 hours of heat in the presence of the older kids. They both engaged with other vendors there to ask questions and learn. As the event was wrapping up both boys began cleaning up their brick mason booth with much energy and a good attitude. Shiloh Vocational School training was very evident as well as a father who spends time to allow his children to be occupied and learning. 
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Our current education system is intended to place all kids on a path to college. This puts undue stress on some children. Some kids are not college material. They learn by doing and they excel by working with their hands and creating things. This is called hands-on, interactive learning.

Kids are now getting the opportunity to explore career paths outside the traditional college path thanks to the “Put Tools in School” program. Opportunities in construction and related fields are unlimited and require no college debt.

“Put Tools in School” has a goal of exposing students to every available opportunity and career path in the construction industry. This requires the industry’s involvement and support. They are the teachers and instructors. They supply the tools, equipment and knowledge necessary to make a difference.

On June 4, “Put Tools in School” visited Eastway Middle School to further this effort.

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