Pros And Cons Of Buying A Home ‘Sight Unseen’

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MINT HILL, NC – While it may seem like there is a light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, it’s still a factor in how you buy a home. If you’re considering buying a home sight unseen due to the pandemic or for any other reason, it’s time to understand the pros and the cons.

Before you purchase a property sight unseen, you want to know what you’re getting into. While this strategy became more common during COVID-19, it was used by those needing to relocate quickly even before. Let’s look at the pros and cons of buying a home for sale in Mint Hill, NC sight unseen.


You will be able to buy a home, even if you can’t visit the property. This is the biggest benefit of buying a home sight unseen. When you don’t have time to see the property or you cannot be at its’ location, you can use this strategy to buy a home without a tour in-person.

Video and virtual tours make it possible to see the entire property without visiting it in person. This is a huge benefit that has become even more mainstream over the past year. It’s hard to compete online with a listing not including a video or virtual tour anymore.

Of course, one of the biggest pros is you don’t have to worry about touring the home and you can have it fully cleaned before you move in. If you’re still worried about the pandemic, this might be the main reason you buy a house in Mint Hill or the surrounding area sight unseen.

You can compete with other offers due to your ability to buy without as many contingencies. Since you’re buying a home sight unseen, you might be able to compete with other offers a bit easier. You will certainly want a home inspection and a good real estate agent helping you, but you might have fewer contingencies compared to another buyer, which can certainly help.


One of the biggest cons to buying any home sight unseen is a simple fact that you don’t know how much the pictures have been touched up. A video tour helps, but you might still miss things that you won’t like once you’re in the home.

Another con of buying a home sight unseen is how it will feel to you. A home can evoke specific emotions through pictures and video, but those emotions might not match up when you’re actually living in the house.

You will also miss out on getting to figure out if you like the neighborhood. Without actually going to the home, you won’t have a clue if the neighborhood suits you and your family.

There are pros and cons to buying a home sight unseen that you must weigh before you buy any Mint Hill real estate without a proper tour. While virtual tours and video tours can certainly help, it’s always best to see the proper in person before making your final decision.

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