Promotional Imprints Provides Promotional Products and Apparel at Affordable Prices

Promotional Imprints offers hundreds of items that can be customized to help promote any business.
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Promotional Imprints offers hundreds of items that can be customized to help promote any business.

Carol A. Luisa, the owner of Promotional Imprints, has her focus on customer service. “I’m easily accessible,” she said. “I don’t close at five. Customers have my cell number, so they can text me or call me any time. They know they can reach me.  Even when I go on vacation, everything gets done.”

Promotional Imprints is a web-based business that provides promotional products and apparel at affordable prices. They offer hundreds of items that can be customized to help promote any business.

On the website, customers can find these menu bar subheaders: Apparel, Bags, Drinkware, Fun & Outdoors, Office & Awards, Trade Show & Events, Writing, and Need More? Luisa created these categories to make it easier to navigate her site, but she doesn’t want them to restrict a customer’s options. Luisa stays on top of the latest information from her vendors and loves researching to find just the right item at just the right price.

“I don’t invoice until the customer receives their product and they are happy,” she said. Luisa has no rules, and satisfaction is guaranteed. The business’s Facebook banner proclaims, “We make marketing easy.” And that’s what Luisa has been doing for the past six years.

“I was a legal assistant for almost 20 years when I lived in New York,” Luisa said. When her husband retired from the police force in 2004, they moved near family in Union County. Luisa had always enjoyed looking at promotional materials. She would save cards and pens off of display tables. So six years ago, when her good friend, Christine Mason, needed business cards, she volunteered to make them.

“Christine encouraged me to take the risk and start my own business. I was always cautious with things and afraid to take the leap,” Luisa said. “And I said ok, let me take a shot. So I started talking with distributors of promotional products and asked how they got started.” Luisa started off working with local businesses in 2013. Now she’s nationwide and shipping overseas. “I’m working six to seven days a week,” Luisa said.

Luisa works with companies to produce things like apparel, giveaways, and customer and employee incentives and awards. She also works with individuals to create gifts and favors for weddings, christenings, and parties. And Luisa loves to give back to the community by working with nonprofits.

Potential customers can check out Promotional Imprints online at, or visit their Facebook page, Promotional-Imprints. They can also call 704-292-4933. Luisa typically replies within just a few hours.

Carol A. Luisa with her husband, Tom.
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