Premium Ads Carolinas: Your local printing and mailing specialist

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Premium Ads Carolinas is a printing and mailing specialist who offers three key services to help small businesses maximize their exposure to potential clients.

“There are four key elements to consider when choosing your marketing and advertising tools,” says owner Ennis Pepper.  “Volume: how many people will have the potential to see your ad? Repetition: how often will people be exposed to your ad?  Visibility: how easily can your ad be seen? Targeting: how many of the people that may buy your product or service will actually see the ad?”

Premium Ads Carolinas Owner Ennis Pepper

“Basically with all advertising more is more,” continues Pepper.  “The more volume, repetition, and visibility your communication can receive the better. Generally, all forms of advertising will sacrifice one or two of these elements for the others. So, if an advertising medium offers great volume, you may sacrifice some visibility and repetition. Generally the more of each of these elements you have in your campaign the more it will cost.”

Pepper helps his clients advertise efficiently and effectively via individual and direct shared mail campaigns.  Through direct mail, businesses can increase their exposure by delivering a high volume of repeated, printed materials to targeted customers.

In an age where communication is becoming increasingly electronic, print advertising via mail may seem quaint and outdated, but Pepper begs to differ.  “People are coming back to it,” he says.  “People trust the piece of paper they get in the mail.  Email has been a bit overdone; you’re getting less and less return on that.  With a larger company, fifty percent of their leads come from direct mail.”

An example of Premium Ads direct mail work.

Pepper considers direct mail to be an important complement to any email or web advertising campaign.  Moreover, direct mail has the ability to reach an audience that other forms of print advertising may not.  “I’m trying to separate myself by putting together more visible mailing,” says Pepper. “It’s not going to get lost in an envelope or a magazine.  Obviously it’s more direct to where you want it to go. I’m trying to put together shared mail that hits volume, and we do it several times in a row, so you have the repetition.”

Because sending printed materials in the mail can be costly, Premium Ads Carolinas offers a shared mail service to help businesses lessen the cost. Premium Ads runs shared mail campaigns in and around South Charlotte (Waxhaw, Marvin, Wesley Chapel, Weddington, Indian Trail, Mint Hill, Fort Mill, and Rock Hill).  Premium Ads also has developed a “Business 2 Business” mailer for businesses that want to promote their services and products to fellow businesses.

An example of the Waxhaw-area shared mailer

But what really sets Premium Ads apart is the personal attention and convenience you get working with a small, local retailer.  “We are local and work with businesses to ensure their ideas become realities,” says Pepper. “However our clients like to work is how we like to work,” he continues, adding that they can meet in person, call, email or text.  “We deliver the printing to our clients or we manage their direct mail needs from design to mailbox.”

In addition to direct and shared mail, Premium Ads also provides print products.  Pepper offers a wide variety of printed material for both business and personal use, and at a price that rivals most online print suppliers.  Business cards, brochures, postcards, flyers, presentation folders, rack cards, birthday, thank you and greeting cards, carbonless Forms (NCR), checks, gift cards, letterhead, branded merchandise like notepads, sticky notes, mouse pads and magnets, bookmarks, magazines, booklets, catalogs, menus, stickers, A-frame signs, banners, flags, yard signs, counter cards: if you can think of it, Pepper can print it.

Get started with Premium Ads Carolinas by calling Ennis Pepper at 980-242-8163 or emailing

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