Player Of The Week – Kaylee Carson

Patriots Kaylee Carson in action against Charlotte Catholic. (Photo by Ron Morris)
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MINT HILL, NC – Independence guard Kaylee Carson has earned this third selection to be named this week’s Player of the Week by the Mint Hill Times Sportswriters. Her athleticism, leadership, and consistent performance throughout the entire season just stands out above the rest.

Statistically, she ranks among the top five players in four major categories, scoring, steals, free throws, and double-doubles. Also, in the top 10 in all major categories with the exception of rebounds 11th, and blocks 16th, however, being a guard we would not expect her to rank high within this category of performance measurement.

As of this writing with 23 games reported, she scored 443 points, averaging 19.3 points per game making her the Southwestern 4A Conference scoring leader, she grabbed 127 rebounds, drilled 75/101 free throws for 74%, 80 assists, 56 steals, 10 blocks, and had 2 double-doubles on the season. Kaylee led the Lady Patriots in scoring and averaging 2.4 steals per game defensively in an outstanding sophomore year.

We were all impressed with her on the court performance, skills, athleticism, including agility, strength, speed, defense, and passing ability to teammates to matriculate the basketball up and down the court was a pleasure to observe.

We thought so highly of her overall effort we nominated Carson to our first team on the 4A Southwestern All-Conference predictions list in the Athletes of the Week column.

Congratulations to Kaylee Carson for a fantastic and memorable season. She deserves and has earned this recognition. Well done!

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