Player Of The Week Brooklyn Saunders

Brooklyn Saunders, Butler Bulldogs (Photo by Ron Morris)
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MINT HILL, NC – The Butler Bulldogs have a freshman basketball player who is certainly making her mark in local hoops. She is among the top performers in 4A Conference 59 and absolutely deserves recognition based on her first 17 games as a varsity athlete.

Saunders ranks in the top 5 in many major categories and is a standout competitor who should be watched on how she matures and develops her skills over the next three seasons remaining in her high school career. She is opening eyes and gaining attention along with Kamryn Kitchen another freshman standout at Independence averaging 15.4 points per game.

For a freshman to be averaging 16.1 points per game while scoring 274 points to date is a huge accomplishment and showcases her talent. She is currently the number 3 leading scorer in the conference behind leading scorer sophomore Kaylee Carson from Independence with 19.9 points per game.

However, her other stats are impressive, she is averaging 6.2 rebounds, 4.1 assists, 4.5 steals, and is shooting 73% from the free throw line. All putting her among the leaders in each category in a highly competitive black and blue conference. Her athletic abilities are on display along with playing solid on defense for the Bulldogs this entire season.

The sportswriters at the Mint Hill Times want to congratulate Brooklyn Saunders for her achievement in being selected this week’s “Player of the Week.”

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