Photos by local photographer Paul Imirie to Honor the Warriors

Two wounded veterans getting ready to challenge the 34 mile course. (Paul Imirie)
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Mint Hill American Legion Post 555 Chaplain leads the invocation with Jerry Morris Founder, Honor the Warriors.
Departure time to begin the journey.
Riders getting ready to roll.
A local veteran supporting other veterans.
A veteran participant and supporter.
Some volunteers and supporters.
Departing bikers at Veterans Memorial Park.
Jerry Morris giving instructions to riders.
Bikers at the Park.
More bikers getting prepared to ride.

Local photographer a Mint Hill resident, a U.S. Air Force veteran, an active member of the new Mint Hill American Legion Post 555, and has been deeply involved in the Honor the Warriors Annual Bike Ride event has put together a collage of photo images from this year’s ride this past Saturday, which began at Veterans Memorial Park.

The riders would journey for 66 miles, 34 miles, and 17 miles in our surrounding area made up of all veterans and supporters from all the branches of our armed forces who have served proudly and bravely in the defense of our nation. Many of these warriors are wounded veterans who ride for the joy, journey, independence and courage. It’s certainly an honor to serve them as they have so honorably sacrificed and served us.

A special tanks goes out to the founder and coordinator of the annual event Jerry Morris who has been holding this event for a decade. This year was special because it was the 10th Annual Honor the Warriors bike ride in Mint Hill.

Every year the riders come to Charlotte for the two day event. On Friday they rode in the uptown area of Charlotte. On Saturday morning the bikers and veterans arrive early, then take a beautiful and scenic ride along the countryside in the surrounding area.

The weather was picture perfect, all went well and safety throughout each course route was a priority. There were refreshment stop off stations set-up for the riders to refuel and energize. When they returned there was plenty of good old fashion Carolina BBQ waiting for them with a crowd of supporters and well wishers.

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