Photo Collage of Mayor Ted Biggers Retirement Party

Mayor Ted Biggers and family. (Paul Imirie)
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Mr. & Mrs. Ted Biggers. (Paul Imirie)
Mayor mingling. (Paul Imirie)
William Brawley in conversation. (Paul Imirie)
Just enjoying the occasion. (Paul Imirie)
Mint Hill’s finest. (Paul Imirie)
Mayor in conversation. (Paul Imirie)
Mayor enjoying a discussion. (Paul Imirie)
Mike Cochrane and Richard Newton with two locals. (Paul Imirie)
Proud grandpa! (Paul Imirie)
Little guy who was not impressed by all the excitement. (Paul Imirie)
Town Manager Brian Welch and State Representative Nasif Majeed. (Paul Imirie)
District Judge Michael Stading. (Paul Imirie)
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